World Warfare & Economics Deploying Forces

For insights on deploying forces in World Warfare and Economics, refer to our guide. Note that information may change as the game is still in development.

If you need information on how to deploy your forces in World Warfare and Economics, check out the details in our guide. Also, keep in mind that this information may change since the game is not yet completed, stay tuned for updates!

This is the guide darkrajin it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Deploying Forces in World Warfare and Economics

Just a simple, and quick, and lazy guide on how to deploy your forces. This is early access, so this might not be relevant for long. If it is changed, I’ll ether change this guide or delete it.

To deploy, simply click on military, click on deploy, and you\ll be bought to the deployment screen.

If you’ve done everything correctly. It’ll look like this.

The games incomplete. So hopefully this will be improved in the future. Also the countries are clearly incomplete. Such as Ukraine having no navel ports, airbases, or missile silos.

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