Undisputed A Real Hitman Achievement Guide

For guidance on unlocking the 'A Real Hitman' achievement in Undisputed, consult our guide for detailed steps and tips.

If you need the “A Real Hitman” achievement in Undisputed and want to learn how to unlock it, check out our guide.

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A Real Hitman Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to get A Real Hitman achievement in the game. This achievement can be unlocked by fighting a CPU in Quick Fight or in Pro/Undisputed level Prize Fights.

A Real Hitman Achievement Guide in Undisputed

We will be using the Quick Fight mode because it allows us to choose the boxers and to set some rules to our favor.

Fighter Selection

It’s recommended that you pick a high rated boxer for yourself and the lowest rated boxer in the same weight class for the CPU.

You can sort fighters by decending stats in the fighter selection menu to make it easier to choose.

Some examples by weight class (You Vs CPU):

Men’s Category


  • Muhammad Ali, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder Vs Eddie Hall


  • Oleksandr Usyk Vs Patrick Rokohl

Light Heavyweight

  • Roy Jones Jr, Saúl Álvarez (Canelo), Joe Calzaghe Vs Patrick Rokohl


  • Roy Jones Jr, Saúl Álvarez (Canelo), Sugar Ray Robinson Vs Patrick Rokohl


  • Terrence Crawford, Saúl Álvarez (Canelo) Vs George Davey


  • Sugar Ray Robinson Vs Aadam Hamed


  • Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Hopey Price


  • Sunny Edwards Vs Hopey Price

Women’s Category


  • Katie Taylor Vs Alicia Napoleon


  • Katie Taylor Vs Ebanie Bridges

Rules and Venue

Here are the Quick Fight rules that are favourable to this achievement:

Important Rules

CPU Difficulty

  • Has to be either on Pro or Undisputed.

Relative Time

  • Set it at 1x to match real time. Values above 1 will not help as they narrow our already small time window even more.

Recommendations for Other Settings

Damage Modifier

  • A high damage modifier is great for quickly sending the CPU to the canvas.

Stamina Modifier

  • Low stamina modifier causes punches to cost less stamina.

What about 3 Knockdown Rule?

3 Knockdown rule may seem useful for the achievement but its actually not. Knockdown scenes take a ton of time and we have very little so our strategy will not be based on knocking down our opponent.

Venue Selection Tip

Where you fight does not matter much for this achievement but keep in mind that gym venues such as Tecnicolor Gym, Coldwell Gym, Santiago and Micky Ward’s Box 2 Burn Gym have less cutscenes than arenas one like WBC Arena and Compubox (2 cutscenes on gyms instead of 4 in arenas).

Since you’re most likely going to restart the match a lot, having less cutscenes to skip will get you quicker onto your next attempt to get the achievement.

The Fight

As said on the ruleset section, going for knockdowns is not ideal, even with the above mentioned 3 knockdown rule on since the get up cutscenes take a lot of the already tight time window we have.

So we should actually go for a Flash KO, which unfortunately happens at random.

Despite the randomness, there’s some tips that can be helpful in getting this achivement.

Keys to Victory

  • Play aggressively while also avoiding missing punches and getting hit
  • Get familiar with the game and the boxer you’re playing as. Know their perks, reach and which punches and combos are the most effective.
  • Know the CPU’s behaviour. Due to the Early access nature of Undisputed, the Ai is likely to change.
  • Keep an eye on the match timer. If a minute has passed and you haven’t gotten the flash KO, pause the game and restart the match.
  • Last but not the least, Patience! Due to the luck factor of this achievement, you might have to go through multiple attempts in order to get it. Don’t be discouraged!

If all is done correctly, the achievement should pop up on the winner announcement.

A Real Hitman Achievement Guide
Written by MacATK

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