How to get All Legendaries in Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet DLC

If you need information on how to catch and obtain all 25 legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, check out our guide.

How to get All Legendaries

Embark on an epic journey to capture 25 Legendary Pokemon from previous generations in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Indigo Disk. This guide will walk you through unlocking the ability to find these rare creatures, provide insights into their locations, and offer valuable tips to help you successfully catch each legendary.

Unlocking All Legendary Pokemon

  • Complete the Indigo Disk storyline, defeat the Elite Four, and conquer Kieran.
  • Head to the Blueberry Academy entrance post-credits and interact with Snackworth.
  • Exchange completed Blueberry BBQ challenges for special lure items called “Snacks,” corresponding to each Legendary.

Legendary Pokemon Locations

  • Articuno: Lake south of Montenevera
  • Zapdos: Poco Path Lighthouse
  • Moltres: Cliff north of Asado Desert
  • Lugia: Tiny island off North Province
  • Ho-Oh: Waterfall east of Alfornada
  • Entei: Coast east of East Province
  • Raikou: Mountain south of Icerend Shrine
  • Suicune: Island in Casseroya Lake
  • Groudon: Alfornada Caverns beneath the city
  • Kyogre: Islands north of Casseroya Lake
  • Rayquaza: Rim of Southt Crater south area
  • Latias: Beach south of South Province
  • Latios: Lake southwest of Firescourge Shrine
  • Cobalion: Cliff west of Firescourge Shrine
  • Terrakion: Mountain west of Great Crater
  • Virizion: Northeast Tagtree Thicket
  • Reshiram: Cliff south of Zapapico
  • Zekrom: Plateau south of Artazon
  • Kyurem: Tunnel northwest of Dalizapa Passage
  • Solgaleo: Pokémon League rooftop
  • Lunala: Cliff north of Porto Marinada
  • Necrozma: Plateau north of Casseroya Lake
  • Kubfu: Waterfall north of Firescourge Shrine
  • Glastrier: Snowy hill south of Glaseado Mountain
  • Spectrier: Ruins north of Great Crater

Tips for Catching Legendaries

  • Equip the corresponding Snacks to reveal hints about the Legendary’s location.
  • Utilize landmarks and nearby areas for efficient Legendary tracking.
  • Be prepared with Ultra Balls, status-inducing moves, and a team of well-leveled Pokemon for challenging encounters.

Catching all 25 returning Legendaries in The Indigo Disk DLC may pose a challenge, but with the information and tips provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to expand your Pokédex and conquer the Paldea region. Prepare for an exciting adventure as you add these rare and powerful Pokemon to your collection in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

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