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Shaolin Guide The lights that are better for you to use in qi stance is the […]

Shaolin Guide

The lights that are better for you to use in qi stance is the top light because it stuns, and the side lights are slow enough to react for an easy light parry. All the Qi stance lights has crushing counterstrike, Just like warden but in all directions. External crushing counter strike is possible too, but you will have to launch your light in the opposite direction.


Just noting this here: Qi Top heavy feinting back to Qi stance was removed.

So, heres the cool part, launching attacks from qi stance, like i said above, lights have cc properties.
Now lets move on to heavies, They track dodges (Undodgable) and is feintable, so you can either throw the qi side heavy, let it go or feint it into a guradbreak. The top heavy throws out a 40 damage unblockable, and which is also feintable, Cant be soft feinted, By hitting the guardbreak in Qi stance, you can throw out a kick which you can throw out a guarenteed 20 damage poke, a 40 damage parryable smash, or an unblockable stick sweep via hitting Guardbreak which you can throw 2 lights and go to qi after that. By the way, you can also go into qi during Light heavy chain.

Fighting from Neutral

By neutral, i mean when nobody is throwing attacks, like at the start of a duel when you both locked on.

So, fighting from neutral is an important key of winning, you have reflex guard, and most of shaolins good attacks are from Qi stance, so you will have to miss your attacks, basiclly doing backstep lights or heavies in order to miss the attack, then you can go into Qi stance by holding the attack key that you were throwing.
Backstep attacks are launching a light/heavy while holding the button that you use to move backwards.
But, you cannot just rely on Qi stance all the time, right? so you gotta throw some neutral lights too
Shaolin has 3 triple side lights that stuns the enemy, you gotta hit light once then wait for a moment then hit the other 2 lights fast. You can also throw out 2 side lights then go into Qi stance by holding the second light like the third light chain, in this case you only throw 2 and you hold light on the second hit, if you throw too slow, it becomes the 2 hit light chain. Shaolin also has a pretty bad dodge heavy, can be used to counter bashes. (Not always)

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