Kingdom Two Crowns – Stone

Stone Guide

In Kingdom Two Crowns, the Stone Age is the second phase of the game that you will enter after you finish the Wood Age. The strength and value of the buildings and upgrades are significant compared to what you have access to in the Wood Age. These include powerful upgrades including:

  • Forts
  • Castles
  • Defense Towers
  • Castle Towers

At the end of the day, you don’t “get” stone. Despite what some early reviews of the game suggested, stone is not a resource you acquire like coins or gems. But while you don’t accumulate or spend stone like other resources, you will need to build a stone mine in order to unlock Stone Age buildings and upgrades for your Kingdom.

You can find the stone mine on the second island. To activate, you need only to invest the necessary coins. Once the stone mine is fully upgraded, you can use Stone Age buildings even when you move on to the next island. These upgrades include stone walls, shops, and castles.

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