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Easy, Overpowered Tricks to Use Infinite EXP, Skulls, and Bones What You’ll Need Necro Rod (Found […]

Easy, Overpowered Tricks to Use

Infinite EXP, Skulls, and Bones

What You’ll Need

  • Necro Rod (Found in Skull Maze)
  • Any Ranged Weapon (Ballista, Fire Rod, Bow, etc.)
  • Any 3×3 Area of Water
  • Optional – Combat Obelisk (Found in Fire Biome)
  • Optional – Magic Scepter (Complete the Wizard’s Quests)
  • Optional – Bone Mask (For Safety)
  • Optional – Wisdom Draught

How to Accomplish

First, you need to find a 3×3 area of water with no obstructions. Place a bridge in the center so that your slaves skeleton friends can stand on the water without escaping.

Now, with your Necro Rod, spam skeleton on top of the bridge. It doesn’t matter how many you place, as long as they don’t crash the game.

The next part is simple. Use your ranged weapon to kill all of the skeletons. (My favorite weapon to use is the Fire Rod, as you can kill all of them at once with it) With certain upgrades, you can make the skeletons drop coins upon death, reaping even more rewards.

Finding the Combat Obelisk and Magic Scepter in the Fire Biome is tremendously helpful. The obelisk will allow you to gain more EXP as you kill the skeletons. The Magic Scepter removes the recharge from the Necro Rod, allowing you to spawn as many skeletons as you want. A Wisdom Draught will help you gain more EXP over time.

Infinite Royal Steel, Crystals, and Bricks

What You’ll Need

  • Lots of Crystals
  • Lots of Royal Steel
  • Lots of Brick
  • Optional – A High-End Pickaxe (Speeds up the Process)

(If you’ve already found the shrine in the Fire Biome, you don’t need the steel, crystals, and bricks)

How to Accomplish

Build a shrine in a wide and open area without any obstructions. This isn’t required, however, it lets you get as much loot as possible when you get the Excavator buff. When you build it, use whichever buff you want.

Once you use the buff, you’ll have to wait 30-45 minutes to use it again. Or do you? By breaking the shrine and placing another one, it resets the cooldown! Now that you have another shrine, repeat the buffing-and-breaking process until you find the Builder buff.

This buff allows you to build structures at half the cost. However, when you break it, you get slightly more resources than it took to build it. The more you repeat it, the more resources you’ll get out of it. Using this method has gotten me about 1,000 royal steel in under 15 minutes. However, the cost of the shrine will increase every time you do it. You’ll still gain steel from it, but if you lose it all, you can’t do it again.

Easy Droids and EMPS

What You’ll Need

  • Blood Alter (Found in Skull Maze or Fire Biome)
  • Multiple Spirit Orbs

How to Accomplish

The Blood Alter is a structure that can be found near the end of the Skull Maze or in a random Fire Biome tile. With it, you can sacrifice maximum health points for a special buff.

This might seem like a heavy trade-off, but some of the buffs are really worth it. The one we’ll be looking at is the Terminator buff. It might take a couple tries to get, but you can usually get it after a while. The Terminator buff gives you 1 droid and 10 EMPS. Under normal circumstances, these items would take about 2 hours of grinding to get otherwise.

The easiest way to regain lost health is by mass-producing Spirit Orbs. The recipe calls for 10 great skulls, (Dropped by Large Skeletons) 10 purple pigments, (Made at an Inscription Table) and 5 bottled faeries. The recipe is fairly cheap, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get.

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