Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Shield Units

1. Shield bearers have the greatest shields of all units.
2. Shield bearers can also block more than 20 arrows (ice arrows too!)
3. Shield units can block both ice arrows and arrows.
4. Shield bearers are very weak, but their shield is very strong.
5. Shield bearers cannot handle (SPOILER ALERT!) artemises very well.
That’s all (i think), leave a comment if you want something to be added here.

Melee Units

1. The king is the best melee unit.
2. Clubbers are best in groups.

Note: For melee units, clubbers are best in groups, same with the squires, basically the cheapest melee unit in every faction, add a misc section, and add this in said misc section: use halflings and the bards to distract the other side.

Ranged Units

1. The (SPOILER ALERT) artemis is the best unit in the entire game.
2. Ice archers are the best ranged units.
3. Ice archers with archers is the best ranged unit combo. Why? Because the ice archers slow down the units, and maybe you could place down a king or a archer to kill em.
4. Snake archers are really good at distracting people, so the ice archers/archers/(SPOILER ALERT) artemises can shoot them down.
5. Snakes are really fast so people will chase them down.

Okay, here are the best ranged units (IN MY OPINION)
N2 Best unit is… ICE ARCHER!
N4 is archer.

Best Units

1. Artemis
2. King
3. Mammoth
4. All of the archer types
5. Shield bearers

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