Forza Motorsport Controller Dampening FIX

Experience smoother control in Forza Motorsport with our Dampening FIX guide. Fine-tune your settings for precision handling and speed.

Hello from our Forza Motorsport Controller Dampening FIX guide. Forza Motorsport already has default dampening for controllers, but steam users have additional settings that can hinder your performance. This guide removes steam’s extra dampening.

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Forza Motorsport Controller Dampening FIX

Welcome to our Forza Motorsport Controller Dampening FIX guide. This guide will show you how to fix controller dampening in the game!

Step 1

Controller Dampening Fix

Navigate to your Forza Motorsport library page and click the “Manage” icon.

Step 2

Controller Dampening Fix

Now click the “Properties” option.

Step 3

Controller Dampening Fix

Now click on “Controller” and change the “Override for Forza Motorsport” to “Disable Steam Input” to remove any unwanted additional dampening.

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