Foxhole Ranks (INFERNO UPDATE)

Welcome the our Foxhole Rank Guide. You can receive rank points every time players commend you.

In order to rank up in foxhole you need to be commended by other players. You can commend others but first you need commend points, in order to recieve these points you will need to do the following things.

  • Participate in the war effort
  • Harvest scrap/componets
  • Kill enemy players
  • Revive friendly players

These are all the ranks and commends you need in order to get them good luck!

Foxhole Ranks

Foxhole Ranks
Foxhole Ranks

My personal view on average levels and hours played for ranks

With the changes to UI, we can’t see the levels of other players now, which i feel is a bad decision in the context of my decision to commend someone based on the exp gaining actions they did.

Last I checked, I was 2/5 in my progression as Major, i reached Lt Col several days ago. Pretty sure I didn’t receive many commends or as much as I expected to promote. Still cool though (subtle definitely a flex). Reached Colonel now at 3.8k hrs.

  • Level 1 (<10hrs): None/Pte/Lcp
  • Level 2 (<10hrs): Pte/Lcp/Cpl
  • Level 4 (30hrs): Sgt
  • Level 6 (30hrs): Ssgt
  • Level 8 (60hrs): WO2
  • Level 11 (100hrs): WO1 – ^^^ And below deemed Kids until wars like War 48/78 when vets take breaks.
  • Level 14 (150hrs): Ocdt – Most tedious rank. Took me 3 Wars.
    Deemed the Teenager rank (Knows enough but not enough)
  • Level 16 (1000hrs): 2Lt
  • Level 18 (1200hrs): Lt
  • Level 19 (2000hrs): Capt – Officially a salty vet.

Levels get progressively harder and harder to earn as more and more exp is needed. After Captain, its mostly vets that appreciate the commends but won’t care too much about it. Nvm, everyone loves commends.

The relations you build while playing as a loyalist earns you much commends from others who know what you specialize in. The only exception to this rule, from my observation, seems to be Duri89, Lt Gen who does high value kills for both teams as he switches rather often.

Any soldier on the fast track are usually in clans/groups that commend each other or exceptional cases like Seikomasumoto (Fuel truck saint) and Major Cockface
KronusWinter, a logi demi-god (pre WLL) and TerranMarine, bayonet demi-god with awesome soundboard.

Generally, soldiers around/above the rank of Brig have been around forever and are recognized on sight for their leadership or crazy effort put into the war.

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