Foxhole – Scrapping Guide

A guide to help new and old players alike learn the very delicate art of scrapping. […]

A guide to help new and old players alike learn the very delicate art of scrapping. A few tips on how to do one of the most handy, helpful and commended job in the game.

Scrapping in Foxhole

So you want to scrap eh? Well scrapping ain’t easy, it’s tough, hard, manly work, that will test you to the best of your abilities, dodging enemy fire and swinging a sledgehammer at them….I’m kidding of course, scrapping is one of the most laid back jobs in the game. Surprisingly however, it is one of the most commended jobs, earning you ranks faster then most others. It’s also a very easy job and a very good job for new players. Why you need a guide you may ask? Well I’ll show ya.

This guide will lead you through how to best not only scrap, but communicate with your team whilst doing so and keep yourself entertained.

Tools of the Trade

For options for tools to mine scrap, and (other resources) you’ve only got 2, the MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL SLEDGEHAMMER and the not so bad hammer, personally I go for the first one, but there are some benefits to the latter, I will go over both of them here.


Powerful, Bold, everything a scrapper needs and more.
Gathers an EXTREME 10 scrap per hit, 4 fuel per hit, 4 sulphur per hit and is the only tool that can mine components. It clears all resource fields faster then the hammer (4.50 seconds on scrap vs 6.5 with the hammer) but the downside to it is that it doesn’t get tech parts as fast on scrap.


Useful, utlity, easily obtainable, the basic tool for a scrapper.
Sadly gathers only 5 scrap per hit, 2 fuel per hit, 2 sulphur per hit and can’t mine components. It clears all resource fields slower, but on the plus side, doesn’t weigh as much, 4v18% encumberance, can build (which isn’t super necessary) and gathers tech parts faster.

Overall I’d shoot for the sledgehammer due to it’s faster speed, and generally being more fun to use, however if you need tech parts or if for some reason you prefer the hammer, then go for it.

The Resources of Foxhole

There are 4 main resources in Foxhole, all are necessary but all have different priorities and scrapping techniques.


To say scrap/b.mats make the world go round would be an absolute understatement, almost every single item in foxhole requires Basic Materials (b.mats) to make, and many things require scrap to make, such as blueprints. Logistics and players just wanting to make cool stuff will need this most often and is honestly the most important resource in the game bar none. (They also make S.Supplies (Soldier Supplies or Shirts) which are the most important item in the game due to them enabling players to respawn.)

Tips for scrapping scrap:

Every pile has exactly 30 scrap, be effective, 3 swings with the sledgehammer or 6 with the hammer, no more no less. (Unless of course they spawn ontop of each other, which they do a lot.)
Each individual scrap pile respawns every 3 minutes, though they’ll only spawn if there’s not already around 20 piles. By my estimates there’s around 50 piles per field, so you’ll have plenty to do when scrapping.
You only need one person to effectively run a scrap field, if someone else is trying to also have their hand at scrapping, please direct them either to another scrap field by giving them coordinates, or head to another scrap field yourself.
Make sure to have boxes next to your scrap field, although this goes for all resources you’ll most likely need more then 1-2 boxes next to the scrap field as I commonly fill up 3-4.


Sulphur/E.mats are a vital and oft-requested resource to make things like shells and grenades, every explosive requires some Explosive Materials (E.Mats) to make. I’d argue that it’s the second most needed resource behind scrap, due to it being taking so long to process and explosives being needed to push.
Tips for scrapping sulphur:
Every pile has 30 sulphur if you use a hammer and 32 with a sledgehammer making the sledgehammer the clear choice with this and all other resources (other then tech parts with scrap).
It’s precisely 8 swings with the sledgehammer and 15 with the hammer.
There is only 6 nodes per sulphur field and they only respawn every 3 minutes making it more of a rare resource.
You definitely only need one person scrapping a sulphur field and honestly you should run back and forth between another field if possible.


Components/R.Mats are a late-game resource that’s vital for many late-game structures, refined materials make anything from tanks to buildings. It also gets tech-parts faster then scrap however it can ONLY be mined with a sledgehammer, if I see you trying to mine it with a hammer I will shoot you.

Tips for scrapping components:

Every node/pile looks like a blue rusted tank and contains 30 components, so that’s exactly 10 swings with the sledgehammer.
Make sure your box is close as components weigh you down more then any other resource.
There are only 3 nodes and they only respawn every 3 minutes, meaning out of any resource this is the one that you’ll want to run between this and another resource the most and while vital is probably the second-least important one to dedicated scrap unless your team DESPERATELY needs R.mats in which case I’d actually recommend getting a bike and driving back and forth between two component fields.


Fuel is a tricky bugger, honestly I deem it the least important to have a dedicated scrapper as honestly you can get fuel quite quickly and it runs out very slowly. If your using this as a secondary it’s alright.

Tips for scrapping fuel:

You can get 32 fuel from each node, the hammer can get 30, this again means that it takes 8 hits with the sledge and 15 with the hammer, just like sulphur.
Fuel nodes at each field, there’s only 3 but the nice thing is that they respawn every 30 seconds, technically meaning that you can mine fuel infinitely, you will never have to stop.

Tech Parts

Tech Parts are odd as you’re technically mining scrap/components at all times while getting tech parts. I’m not going to go into tips as the two best ways are pretty clear.

  • Go between two component fields with one bike.
  • Mine scrap with a hammer.

That’s all.

Communicating With Your Team

Now if you don’t pay any attention to the rest of this guide, this is the most important part. You must always communicate an extreme amount with your team no matter what role you are playing, but here are the important tips for communicating while scrapping.

Always let your logi/logistics know when you have boxes full of any resource, this will let them pick it up and supply it to places that need it as well as get the refinery timer started as fast as possible.

Always be kind and polite, not only will it get you more commendations but it will also enable you to set up logistics teams faster and make people more likely to come to your yard.

Never complain about your scrapping job to your team, this is a personal pet peeve of mine, where people ask for commends just for scrapping, every job in this game is important and if you want to complain about scrapping then just don’t do it.

Always join logistics Operations or start your own.

That’s about it for this section.

General Tips

Always scrap a resource nearby to a refinery that can refine that resource, if you’re not sure the Port base can always refine everything.

Always try to scrap away from combat, there’s nothing worse then being killed while scrapping or even worse having your scrap stolen by the enemy team.

You don’t always need to be paying attention to scrapping, if you need to kill the boredom then make sure to be on your phone or something.

On the last note, if you find scrapping extremely tedious and boring, don’t force yourself to do it.

Another great way to kill the boredom though is to meme around in world chat, always an excellent time all around.

Have fun in general!

Well, that’s all for this guide, I hope it helped and I hope it made you atleast consider trying out a new role, and maybe gave you some insight into the existential crises that scrappers go through. Have a wonderful day and hey, if you’re on colonials and you come to Fisherman’s Row, hmu anytime for scrap.

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