Rage 2

Rage 2 – Mutant Spores

Mutant Spores What is a mutant spore? Mutant Spores is a resource that can be sold in the MBTV store. For each unit you will receive approx. 500 tokens. Thanks to this, you can buy things in MBTV store without wasting time on fighting in the arena. How to get mutant spores? This raw material …

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Rage 2 – Hyper Cannon

Hyper Cannon In this section of the Guide to Rage 2, we will tell you how to obtain the Hyper Cannon. It is a long-range weapon that allows single shots or charged effects. To unlock the Hyper Cannon, you need to get to one of the Arks available in the game. The Greenhaven Ark is …

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Rage 2 – Reduce Blur Of The Graphics

Reduce Blur Of The Graphics In-Game Settings 1} Turn off ‘Motion Blur’ 2} Turn off ‘Chromatic Aberration’ 3} Set ‘Resolution Scale’ to Off 4} Turn off ‘Depth of Field’ 5} Set the anti-aliasing to ‘FXAA’ 6} Turn off ‘Soft Particles’ Before After      

Rage 2 – Cheat Codes

Rage 2 Cheat Codes Cheats codes available in the game He’s on fire – changes voice-overs on Tim Kitzrow’s. Git Gud – makes enemies die from one blow. Son of Thor – enemies are electrocuted when they are nearby. Klegg Support – summons Klegg Clayton as your ally. Phoenix Rejector Seat – the player stays …

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Rage 2 – Controls and Keys

Controls and Keys This page contains a detailed description of the default controls in Rage 2. Information about all keys and actions will help you with the dynamic gameplay and first battles with opponents. Controls in Rage 2 are a bit complex and diverse, so we have divided them into several categories: General, vehicles, skills …

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Rage 2 – Nightmare Modes FIX

Nightmare Modes FIX Quite a few People have notcied that the game is a breeze, even on the hardest difficulty, one shotting enemies etc the reason for this is the intended values reset back to easy on game relog/restart, however keeping the players chosen difficulty making it seem nothing is wrong. Through extensive testing over …

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