Yakuza Kiwami 2 – Quick EXP From Food

Food EXP Life Skills Boost Digestion  I recommend starting with this one if you’re looking for […]

Food EXP

Life Skills

Boost Digestion 

I recommend starting with this one if you’re looking for quick EXP as you’re not only getting more EXP from food, but you’re also getting it much faster. The belly gauge goes down after a while but it seems to go down the fastest when I engage in combat (Random Thugs, Yakuzas…) but I can’t really confirm this. But it won’t matter because as you defeat hostiles you’ll gain extra EXP and you will also have the chance of finding more money for food!

Boost Hunger Gauge 

This skill is great to have as it will allow you to eat more meals without having to wait for the belly gauge to deplete. At max you’ll be able to eat 2 big meals and 1 (or 2) smaller meals which will greatly increase the EXP you gain.

The Restaurant

Komian, Sotenbori 

You may pick whichever restaurant you want but I prefer Komian as the menu has some of the most EXP rewarding meals I’ve found so far. This is my favourite restaurant for quick EXP and you’ll see why.

Hannari Kaiseki
You can see that this meal gives me a lot of EXP and since I’m low on Spirit EXP this is the meal I would prefer to have

Snow Crab Course

If you’re looking for both Agility and Technique EXP then this is the meal to go for!

Kyoto Sukiyaki

But if you’re low on Technique EXP like I am then buy this meal twice since it only fills your gauge by 80 (If you get it twice).. to order the same meal twice, simply buy it once then come back to the menu after Kiryu has finished eating the first meal.

NOTE: Overeating won’t give you ANY EXP

Forced Hunger Increase

Tsuruha Drugs

Any real drug store should do fine, but if you’re in Sotenbori like me then go to Tsuruha Drugs store to buy your hunger increasing drugs.

AppStim Half

What you can get to increase hunger is an AppStim Half (It’s weak but cheaper)

AppStim RX

But the best thing to get is the AppStim RX (Strong but expensive)

Hunger Increase; AppStim Half

AppStim Half only adds 15 in hunger value. You can use this without any side effects

Hunger Increase; AppStim RX

AppStim RX adds 90 in hunger value which is a lot. You can use this without any side effects

The Results

My meals

Now that I’ve used my AppStims I’m ready to eat again! And since I want more Spirit and Technique points I decided to pick these two (Only possible with a bigger hunger gauge, you can get it over time if you do one big Spirit EXP meal at a time)

It’s a pretty big difference in just a few seconds

NOTE: Overeating won’t give you ANY EXP

Getting the money for food

Nouveau Riche Enemies

At some point you might find yourself scarce with money after spending it all on food (And AppStim). You can always get a decent amount from beating up regular thugs and yakuzas. But the real deal is the Nouveau Riche enemies, the skill itself is a great investment for this EXP method and so you should focus on getting this skill as soon as you can if you feel like you’re running out of money.

The Money

The Nouveau Riche enemy gives you ¥30,000 or more, in this case I got ¥50,000 by pure luck. Trust me, this is a lot if you’re following this EXP method since a big meal at Komian costs ¥30,000 so this is the perfectly guaranteed way to get a free meal all the time.

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