Rage 2 – Arks Locations & Arks Map

Ark Locations – Arks Map

Map of Arks and their contents.

Each Ark is numbered (1-7 are the ability unlocks and 8-12 are the weapon unlocks) the number with a star is the in-game difficulty.

Quake Hill – Vortex

Junker’s Pass – Shatter

Canyon Cove – Defibrilation

Great Crack – Grav-Jump

Spikewind – Barrier

Dealypipe – Rush

Earthscar – Slam

Shrouded Vault – Pulse Cannon

You cannot open the door until you destroy substation alpha and bravo.

Dank Catacomb – Firestorm Revolver

Strongbox – Smart Rocket Launcher

Needle Falls – Grav-Dart Launcher

Greenhaven – Hyper-Cannon

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