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How to play and build Lancelot, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


S Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Twinfang Prodigy

Race: Human
Element: Water
Style: Attack, DPS
Skybound Art: Weissfluegel
Weapon Specialty: Twin Blades

Lancelot, the Twinfang Prodigy, is a prominent character in Granblue Fantasy Relink. As the captain of the Order of White Dragons in the Feendrache Kingdom, he wields twin blades with exceptional skill. His combat style emphasizes both attack and DPS, showcasing his mastery in dual-wielding. Lancelot’s Skybound Art, Weissfluegel, adds a powerful dimension to his arsenal.

In the world of Granblue Fantasy Relink, Allies or Companions are recruitable characters who join The Captain’s party for exploration and combat. Each ally possesses unique traits, including the element they control, weapon specialization, combat style, personality, and appearance. Lancelot, with his water element affinity and proficiency in Twin Blades, stands out as an agile swordsman who excels in evasion and swift attacks.

Lancelot Skills

SkillDescriptionSkill Type
Blade ImpulseA fast lunge slash that is chainable into a combo.Offense
Blauer DolchGrants supplementary DMG to Lancelot.Offense
KaltzwingerCasts an ice trap that inflicts Glaciate. Hold while casting to prolong the duration.Offense
LawinensturmAn ice-infused ranged attack. Can be activated multiple times in a row.Offense
Southern CrossA fast multi-attack that is chainable into a combo.Offense
TurbulenzDodge into the air, and then slams down with an area-of-effect attack that is chainable into a combo.Offense
LuftspiegelungGrants Mirror Image to Lancelot.Defense
SchwertgeistRedistributes Lancelot’s SBA gauge to all allies.Defense
Stiller GlanzSustain rapid attacks will eventually coat Lancelot’s blade in ice, allowing him to deal more damage.Support
WirbelwindDodging an attack via L stick + with perfect timing triggers a perfect dodge. Lancelot can then launch into a combo after dodging.Support

Lancelot Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

WeaponLvlHPATKCrit Hit RateStun Power
Knight of Ice657461430%0
Blanc Comme Neige40290700%0
Hoarfrost Blade Persius656441200%0

Lancelot Combo Attack

Combo > > > (spam) >
Twin Blade DanceL stick + (Usable mid-combo)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Lancelot

To recruit Lancelot in GBF Relink, head to Siero’s Knickknack Shack and use a Crewmate Card. The recruitment feature unlocks in Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue. Obtain Crewmate Cards by progressing through the main campaign. Siero grants them in specific chapters:

  • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card

Earn Crewmate Cards as quest rewards from a town’s “Quest Counter” in GBF Relink.

How to Play Lancelot

Lancelot, at the helm of Feendrache’s Order of the White Dragons, wields dual blades to swiftly dismantle foes with a combination of skill and speed.

Basic Skills:

  • Executing a dodge by pressing while moving the L stick empowers players to evade in their chosen direction while maintaining the ability to attack.
  • Employing strategic movement around enemies enhances attack efficiency, exploiting their delayed reactions.

Special Skills:

  • Much like Yodarha, Lancelot embodies the essence of a speed demon in the game.
  • While Yodarha thrives on completing combos to accumulate marks for stronger Skills, Lancelot’s strength lies in prolonged combos.
  • His Skills are tailored to extend combos by seamlessly chaining them together.
  • Many offensive Skills seamlessly transition into basic attacks, creating a fluid cycle of Skills, basic attacks, and back to Skills. Additionally, one of his Skills freezes enemies in place, enabling him to unleash his swift icy fury without hindrance.
  • As combos progress, ice accumulates on his twin blades, extending their range and amplifying damage.

Combat Attack:

  • Adding to his prowess, Lancelot’s triangle ability facilitates dodging attacks that could interrupt his combo chain.
  • Well-timed dodges can seamlessly transition back into basic attacks, creating a dynamic and powerful combat style.

Overall, Lancelot’s maneuverability makes him user-friendly, but mastering the timing is essential to unleash his full potential in chaining attacks together.

Best Lancelot Build

Lancelot excels with a strategy focused on enhancing his attack power, damage output, and critical hit rate, while also incorporating utility Sigils to bolster his survivability in combat. Despite his agility and adeptness at dodging, adding defensive capabilities ensures he remains potent without being overly vulnerable.

To maximize this setup’s effectiveness, maintain an uninterrupted chain of normal attacks to sustain your combo. While Lancelot remains stationary during normal attacks, utilize his heavy attack to maneuver, allowing you to dodge in any direction without interrupting your combo. Essentially, close the distance, commence your assault, adjust position with heavy attacks as necessary, and employ your Skills whenever they’re available.


  • Vegalta (available post-main story) is optimal due to its significant Critical Hit Rate boost, synergizing well with this build.
  • Knight of Ice, accessible upon unlocking Ascension Weapons at the Blacksmith in Expert mode, is also recommended.

Main Sigils

  • Attack Power: Augments overall damage output.
  • Combo Booster: Heightens damage with each consecutive hit in a combo, ideal for Lancelot’s rapid assaults.
  • Stamina: Amplifies damage when health is high, facilitating the avoidance of hits and sustaining health levels.
  • Critical Hit Rate: Increases the likelihood of landing critical hits for additional damage.
  • Tyranny: Offers enhanced damage at the expense of health. Select this Sigil if you can balance the health loss with other Sigils.

Conditional Sigils

  • Potion Hoarder: Fosters self-reliance by maintaining health without relying on teammates for revival or healing.
  • Drain: Beneficial if not using Tyranny, enabling healing through inflicted damage. Less effective with Tyranny due to the risk of significant health depletion from big hits.
  • Exploiter: Effective against sluggish adversaries, enabling increased damage when striking from behind.


  • Blade Impulse: Swiftly closes the distance and initiates a light attack combo.
  • Southern Cross: Inflicts substantial damage. Utilize whenever available.
  • Blauer Dolch: Provides a damage-boosting buff. Essential if nearing the damage cap in late-game progression.
  • Luftspiegelung: Facilitates evasion of enemy attacks, prolonging your offensive onslaught for heightened DPS.


  • Focus on skill paths that enhance Attack Damage and Critical Hit Rate until Lancelot’s mastery is complete.

Lancelot Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes are a unique feature in the game, providing players with a glimpse into each Ally’s perspective on the unfolding events throughout the story. These fully-voiced diary entries offer an insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings as the narrative unfolds. As players advance through the story, level up their characters, and successfully complete Fate Episodes, more of these insightful episodes become available.

Completion of Fate Episodes not only grants players valuable stat bonuses but also unlocks slots for equipping Sigils, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fate EpisodeRequirementsRewards
Episode 1Finish PrologueTBA
Episode 2Finish Episode 1TBA
Episode 3Character level 10 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 2
Episode 4Character level 10 or higher
Finish Episode 3
Episode 5Character level 20 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 4
Episode 6Character level 30 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 5
Episode 7Character level 40 or higher
Finish Episode 6
Episode 8Character level 50 or higher
Finish Episode 7
Episode 9Character level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 8
EpilogueCharacter level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 9

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