GBF Relink: Best Vane Guide – Granblue Fantasy

How to play and build Vane, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


Vane A Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Knight of Fellowship

Race: Human
Element: Water
Style: Defense
Skybound Art: Loewenbein: Jagd
Weapon Specialty: Halberd

Meet Vane, an esteemed ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink. As a skilled knight, Vane excels in both offense and defense, wielding his grand halberd to deliver lethal blows and shielding his comrades with formidable defensive skills when the situation demands. In this game, Allies or Companions are unique recruitable characters that accompany The Captain in exploration and combat, each bringing their own flair with distinct elements, weapon specializations, combat styles, personalities, and appearances.

Vane Skills

SkillDescriptionSkill Type
Arm DestructionA frontal shockwave attack with a high stun effect.Offense
BreakthroughGrants Hostility and ATK to Vane.Offense
Energy DestructionA powerful sweeping attack dealing more damage based on Vane’s SBA gauge.Offense
Heroic BeatFast lunge slash that restores Vane’s HP based on the damage dealt.Offense
Rift DividerMulti-hit assault that pulls foes toward Vane.Offense
DrachenstolzGrants Guts, ATK, and DEF to Vane.Defense
RampartCasts a circle around Vane, granting Invincibility. Hold to prolong the duration.Defense
Soul EruptionFully restores HP, removes debuffs, and grants ATK and DEF when Vane is at or below 30% HP.Defense
Proof of ValorEnables powerful combos by consuming the Beatdown gauge. Landing combo finishers fills the gauge.Support
The Dragon WithinAllows Vane to block a foe’s attack with a perfectly timed attack without being interrupted.Support

Vane Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

WeaponLvlHPATKCrit Hit RateStun Power
Treuer Krieger657461430%0
Blossom Axe655051350%0

Vane Combo Attack

Combo A > >
Combo B > > >
Combo C > > > >
Beatdown Combo (Consumes gauge) > > >
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recuit Vane

Snagging Vane for your recuit in GBF Relink is a piece of cake-just slide over to Siero’s Knickknack Shack and use a Crewmate Card. The Character Recruitment fun kicks off in Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue.

Now, to get your hands on those Crewmate Cards, you can either ride the main campaign rollercoaster or follow the story breadcrumbs. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card

If you’re feeling the side quest vibes, check out a town’s “Quest Counter” for some extra action.

How to Play Vane

Vane is a force to be reckoned with in GBF Relink, especially when it comes to combat finesse. Check this out:


  • Not only does he regain health with each combo finisher and combo, but he’s also got some slick defensive moves up his sleeve.

Special Skills:

  • Vane’s △ attack clashes with a foe’s strike, and boom-he effortlessly blocks it while dishing out some serious retaliation.
  • Talk about multitasking! If you’re in the mood for pure aggression, hit and let Vane unleash powerful slashes that’ll leave your foes in awe.
  • Need a bit of finesse? Utilize for wide swings that serve as both a defense and an attack.

And here’s the secret sauce: string those combos together, fill up that Beatdown gauge, and watch Vane unleash devastating combos.

Best Vane Build

Vane Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes are a unique feature in the game, providing players with a glimpse into each Ally’s perspective on the unfolding events throughout the story. These fully-voiced diary entries offer an insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings as the narrative unfolds. As players advance through the story, level up their characters, and successfully complete Fate Episodes, more of these insightful episodes become available.

Completion of Fate Episodes not only grants players valuable stat bonuses but also unlocks slots for equipping Sigils, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fate EpisodeRequirementsRewards
Episode 1Finish PrologueTBA
Episode 2Finish Episode 1TBA
Episode 3Character level 10 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 2
Episode 4Character level 10 or higher
Finish Episode 3
Episode 5Character level 20 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 4
Episode 6Character level 30 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 5
Episode 7Character level 40 or higher
Finish Episode 6
Episode 8Character level 50 or higher
Finish Episode 7
Episode 9Character level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 8
EpilogueCharacter level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 9

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