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GBF Relink: Best Percival Builds Guide – Granblue Fantasy

How to play and build Percival, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


Percival C Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Lord of Flames

Race: Human
Element: Fire
Style: Attack
Skybound Art: Lohenwolf
Weapon Specialty: Sabre

Percival, a noble knight in Granblue Fantasy Relink, serves as an Ally Character. Armed with a blade and the power of fire, he charges into battle, dealing devastating blows to his enemies. In this game, Allies or Companions are diverse and recruitable characters, each bringing a unique blend of elements, weapon skills, combat styles, personalities, and appearances to The Captain’s party.

Players can assemble a party of 4, with the player-controlled character in the leftmost slot. However, The Captain must be part of the party during the main story, allowing players to freely choose characters for other quests and battles.

Percival Skills

SkillDescriptionSkill Type
FeuerangriffUnleashes a series of slashes. Schlacht charges faster when charged right after the attack.Offense
FlammenmarschGrants ATK and DEF to the entire party.Offense
MachtA lunging slash that deals a high amount of stun. Grants Stout Heart to Percival while lunging. Schlacht charges faster when charged right after.Offense
Roter WirbelSpawns fire coils in front of Percival that deal constant damage. Schlacht charges faster when charged right after the attack.Offense
Royal AuthorityExpels fire from the ground around Percival. Schlacht charges faster when charged right after the attack.Offense
TraumereiGrants Strength and Supplementary DMG to Percival.Offense
ZerreissenA lunging thrust attack that inflicts Burn. Schlacht charges faster when charged right after the attack.Offense
X-SeeleInflicts Petrified on foes within a conical zone in front of Percival.Defense
Flammen RustungFoe attacks won’t interrupt Percival while he’s charging Schlacht.Support
Adrenaline RushGreatly increases Schlacht’s charge speed when charged immediately after a combo finisher.Support

Percival Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

WeaponLvlhpatkcrit hit ratestun power
Lord of Flames657461430%0

Percival Combo Attacks

Combo > > >
Schlacht [Hold] (Chargeable up to 2 times)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Percival

To recruit Percival, head to Siero’s Knickknack Shack and use a Crewmate Card. The Character Recruitment feature becomes available at the start of Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue. You can obtain Crewmate Cards by progressing through the main campaign or story. Siero provides them at the following chapters:

  • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card

Additionally, completing specific side quests at a town’s “Quest Counter” can reward you with Crewmate Cards in GBF Relink.

How to Play Percival

Meet Percival, the sky-traveling knight on a mission to build his dream country. Known as the “Lord of Flames,” he wields a mighty sword and commands the power of fire.

  • In battle, press repeatedly to unleash a devastating combo with Percival.
  • Experiment with charging his attacks for added strength.
  • Charging allows Percival to move freely, remaining unfazed even if struck by an enemy.
  • Timing is crucial-charge right after a link attack or activating a damage skill for a quicker boost.

Don’t forget to master Adrenaline Rush in his abilities to double the speed of charged attacks. Get ready to dominate the skies with Percival!

Best Percival Builds

DPS Build

Percival excels at dealing massive damage through his charged attacks and skill combinations. Whether he’s leading your party or serving as an AI companion, Percival is a solid choice for boosting your team’s performance.

Offensive Skills

Percival’s offensive skills, like Royal Authority and his combo attacks, play a crucial role in charging up his devastating charged attacks. These skills not only deal substantial damage but also speed up the charging process, allowing you to unleash a barrage of attacks.

Preferred Skills Loadout

For a more selfish playstyle focused on dealing maximum damage, consider using skills like Maed for its high damage and stun effect. Additionally, prioritize buffs like Flame Wheel, which can increase Percival’s attack by up to 70% based on his HP, resulting in a significant damage boost.

Combo Strategy

Execute a powerful combo by activating the attack buff, using skills, and chaining charged attacks. Percival’s ability to parry incoming attacks with his charged attack is crucial for dealing optimal damage. Mastering the charged parry is key to maximizing Percival’s damage output.


Sigils play a vital role in enhancing Percival’s performance. Prioritize sigils like Quick Charge, which boosts charged attack speed by 30%, and Lucky Charge, increasing critical hit rate by up to 60%. These, along with general sigils like Attack Power and Damage Cap, are essential for maximizing damage output.

Percival’s Signature Sigils

Percival’s signature sigils, Lord’s Procession and Lord’s Ambition, further enhance his abilities. Procession boosts movement speed and charged attack damage cap, while Ambition provides HP recovery and increased attack after a successful parry. Mastering these sigils is crucial for unleashing Percival’s true potential.

Tank Build

To be added…

Support Build

To be added…

Percival Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes are a unique feature in the game, providing players with a glimpse into each Ally’s perspective on the unfolding events throughout the story. These fully-voiced diary entries offer an insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings as the narrative unfolds. As players advance through the story, level up their characters, and successfully complete Fate Episodes, more of these insightful episodes become available.

Completion of Fate Episodes not only grants players valuable stat bonuses but also unlocks slots for equipping Sigils, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fate EpisodeRequirementsRewards
Episode 1Finish PrologueTBA
Episode 2Finish Episode 1TBA
Episode 3Character level 10 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 2
Episode 4Character level 10 or higher
Finish Episode 3
Episode 5Character level 20 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 4
Episode 6Character level 30 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 5
Episode 7Character level 40 or higher
Finish Episode 6
Episode 8Character level 50 or higher
Finish Episode 7
Episode 9Character level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 8
EpilogueCharacter level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 9

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