Rosetta Best Builds Guide

GBF Relink: Best Rosetta Builds Guide – Granblue Fantasy

How to play and build Rosetta, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


Rosetta B Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Skybound Watcher

Race: Unknown
Element: Dark
Style: AOE Buffs, Debuffs
Skybound Art: Sullen Rose
Weapon Specialty: Dagger

Meet Rosetta, an invaluable ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink. She effortlessly becomes part of your team early in the game, offering a well-rounded skill set. Rosetta excels at maintaining a safe distance from foes, all while strategically scattering roses throughout the battlefield. These roses, in turn, unleash various supportive effects for the entire team.

Granblue Fantasy Relink boasts a diverse cast of allies or companions, each distinguished by their elemental affinity, weapon expertise, combat approach, personality, and appearance. In the game, players can assemble a party of four, with the player-controlled character occupying the leftmost slot. However, during the main story, The Captain must be present in the party, though players are free to choose any character for gameplay outside of the main storyline.

Rosetta Skills

SkillDescriptionSkill Type
Iron MaidenGrants Stout Heart and Iron Maiden to Rosetta.Offense
Lost LoveCauses planted roses to explode and scatter. Damage is based on a rose’s level. New roses are planted where the exploded ones were.Offense
Rose TycoonReplants all roses to be in front of Rosetta or around a locked-on foe. Roses also inflict Poison to the surrounded foe.Offense
SillageRosetta plants a rose where she stands and immediately dodges back. Roses planted by Sillage gain a level.Offense
Spiral RoseA multi-hit vine attack that targets foes near Rosetta. Also causes all planted roses to attack.Offense
BouquetPlants the max number of roses in front of Rosetta. Existing roses are replanted and gain a level. Roses restore allies’ HP and remove all Debuffs.Defense
MesmerizeRoses compel foes within range to attack them.Defense
Rose BarrierCreates a barrier around a rose that grants DMG Cut to allies within its radius. Effect strength is based on the rose’s level.Defense
Rose GardenRosetta plants roses that attack foes within range. Roses level up as they hit foes, enhancing their capabilities.Support
OvergrowthPlanted roses grant various buffs to the entire party whenever Rosetta uses a combo finisher. The highest leveled rose determines effect strength.Support

Rosetta Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

WeaponLvlHPATKCrit Hit RateStun Power
Love Eternal657461430%0
Rose Crystal Knife655421090%0
Sword Breaker40334700%0

Rosetta Combo Attacks

Rose Palace [Hold] (Plants a rose where aimed)
Combo A > (Gain DEF within a rose’s radius)
Combo B > > (Heal within a rose’s radius)
Combo C > > > (Gain ATK within a rose’s radius)
Combo D > > > > (Roses deal extra attacks)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Rosetta

Recruiting Rosetta in GBF Relink is a breeze!

  • As you embark on your journey through the main campaign, you’ll find her joining your party automatically in Chapter 1: The Western Frontier. So, no need to worry about elaborate recruitment quests-just enjoy the adventure, and Rosetta will be by your side in no time!

How to Play Rosetta

Rosetta, a mysterious figure cloaked in enigma, actually embodies the primal beast Rose Queen.

Basic Skills:

As she steps onto the battlefield, she unfolds the beauty of blooming roses with every move.

  • Rosetta’s arsenal includes attacks, reaching her enemies with finesse, and the ability to sow roses on the field by pressing .
  • These planted roses autonomously assail nearby foes, leveling up with each successful hit.
  • Holding down lets players strategically choose where to plant roses, enhancing their effectiveness.

Special Skills:

  • Ending a combo with not only unleashes a powerful attack but also bestows buffs upon party members within a rose’s radius.
  • However, roses gradually wither if left idle, losing levels if they fail to strike enemies.
  • Once the maximum number of roses is planted, pressing allows Rosetta to replant the oldest one to a fresh location.
  • Holding down permits manual rose planting, while pressing when locked onto a foe directs the placement near the target.

Combat Attack:

  • Rosetta proves to be a formidable support and damage dealer, excelling in crowd control and fortifying her allies. Her unique dagger unleashes a vine whip, extending her range against adversaries.
  • To master Rosetta, players must navigate through her varied combos, each offering distinct benefits-from buffing Rosetta to empowering her roses or executing powerful barrages.
  • Strategic positioning and meticulous rose planting are key when playing Rosetta.
  • Her skills not only deal damage but also offer buffs and healing to allies within range. Balancing offense and support is crucial, and depending on the team composition, players can adapt by adjusting the placement of her roses.
  • Rosetta’s kit blankets the team with support, delivering additional damage, buffs, and health.
  • Coordination with the team is vital, especially when dealing with melee-heavy squads. Understanding the planted rose’s range allows for effective positioning and adjustments during combat.
  • Despite her slower attacks, Rosetta’s dynamic abilities make her an engaging and visually appealing character. Embracing her unique challenges and learning curve is a rewarding experience, as the overall benefits she brings to the team make her a character worth exploring and mastering.

Best Rosetta Build

Damage Rosetta Build

  • Weapon: Rose Crystal Knife, Sword Breaker, or Love Eternal
  • Skills: Iron Maiden, Lost Love, Spiral Rose, Sillage
  • Sigils: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Attack Power, Stamina, Skilled Assault, Damage Cap, Cascade, Quick Cooldown, Other Damage Sigils

This build maximizes Rosetta’s damage potential, focusing on empowering her Roses and enhancing her attack capabilities. Iron Maiden ensures Rosetta’s sustained attacks, reinforced by the unique Iron Maiden buff activating her Roses simultaneously. Lost Love delivers a significant burst of damage, ideal for both single targets and groups. Spiral Rose ensures continuous damage output, while Sillage aids in evading enemy assaults.

Strategy involves strategically placing Roses near foes, utilizing Sillage to empower a Rose, then unleashing Lost Love for massive damage. Spiral Rose follows, amplifying the assault, while Iron Maiden maintains relentless offense. Mastery of Rosetta’s combos augments self and team buffs.

Support Rosetta Build

  • Weapon: Egoism
  • Skills: Rose Tycoon, Bouquet, Mesmerize, Rose Barrier
  • Sigils: Health, Improved Healing, Skilled Assault, Aegis, Cascade, Quick Cooldown, Flex Sigils as needed

This build elevates Rosetta’s supportive role, ensuring team survival while providing moderate damage output. Rose Tycoon applies a damaging Poison effect to foes, steadily wearing them down. Bouquet serves as a crucial healing tool, purging allies of debuffs and restoring their vitality. Mesmerize draws enemy attention, facilitating team offensive, while Rose Barrier shields allies from significant enemy assaults.

Tactic involves deploying maximum Roses, elevating their potency with Bouquet, and attracting foes with Mesmerize. Apply Poison via Rose Tycoon, utilizing Rose Barrier to shield allies during enemy onslaughts. Bouquet serves as a vital healing aid when necessary throughout the encounter.

Rosetta Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes are a unique feature in the game, providing players with a glimpse into each Ally’s perspective on the unfolding events throughout the story. These fully-voiced diary entries offer an insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings as the narrative unfolds. As players advance through the story, level up their characters, and successfully complete Fate Episodes, more of these insightful episodes become available.

Completion of Fate Episodes not only grants players valuable stat bonuses but also unlocks slots for equipping Sigils, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fate EpisodeRequirementsRewards
Prologue: An Unforgettable JourneyNoneHP +10
ATK +3
Episode 1: A Priceless NameFinish PrologueHP +15
ATK +5
Episode 2: Entrusted with the FutureFinish Episode 1HP +20
ATK +7
Episode 3Character level 10 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 2
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 4Character level 10 or higher
Finish Episode 3
Sigil Slot Unlock (TBA)
Episode 5Character level 20 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 4
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 6Character level 30 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 5
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 7Character level 40 or higher
Finish Episode 6
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 8Character level 50 or higher
Finish Episode 7
Sigil Slot Unlock (TBA)
Episode 9Character level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 8
Stats Increase (TBA)
EpilogueCharacter level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 9
Stats Increase (TBA)

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