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GBF Relink: Captain Build Guide | Djeeta/Gran

How to build Captain(Gran/Djeeta), your main character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Discover their best builds, skills and combos

In the vast world of Granblue Fantasy Relink, the Captain takes center stage as the main character, guiding players through an epic adventure filled with diverse challenges and gripping narratives. This guide will delve into the combat prowess of the Captain, offering valuable insights into gameplay mechanics, skills, and strategic approaches. Additionally, we’ll explore the rewarding world of Fate Episodes, shedding light on the unique perspective each Ally brings to the story.

Main Character: Djeeta – Gran

GBF Main Character - The Captain Gran - Djeeta
Main Character: Gran / Djeeta
Race: Human
Element: Wind
Style: Attack, Hybrid
Skybound Art: Tempest Blade
Weapon Specialty: Swords

Captain Skills

Offensive Skills
Defensive Skills
Support Skills

Captain Starting Weapon

Traveller’s Sword12390%0

Captain Combo Moves

Combo A >  > 
Combo B >  >  > 
Combo C >  >  > 
Combo D >  >  >  > 
Power Raise [Hold]↑
Launch(Right after jumping) 
Air Combo(While airborne)  >  >  > 
Aerial Barrage(While airborne) 

How to Play Captain

The Captain, whether embodied as the male protagonist Gran or the female counterpart Djeeta, stands as a versatile and solid choice for any in-game situation. Possessing a wide array of skills covering offense, defense, healing, and support, the Captain’s adaptability makes them a go-to character.

Captain Combos

The core of the Captain’s combat lies in executing combos using and . Notably, the attack is chargeable for increased power. Successfully pulling off combos raises the Captain’s Adept Arts level, enhancing the potency of their skills. New players should focus on mastering these combos to unlock the full potential of the Captain.

As the main protagonist, the Captain boasts powerful offensive skills, including ranged attacks harnessing the wind’s power and a swift lunge attack with their sword. This balance between offense and support makes the Captain an ideal choice for players seeking to grasp the game’s mechanics.

Gaining higher Adept Arts levels is crucial for the Captain’s effectiveness. Achieve this by applying combos and finishers during combat encounters, unlocking powerful skills like the formidable Decimate. Take advantage of the Captain’s raised attack, chargeable after combos, unleashing a flurry that amplifies damage. The reduced charge time post-combo creates opportunities for seamless and devastating assaults.

Captain Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes, a unique feature in Granblue Fantasy Relink, offer players a glimpse into each Ally’s viewpoint throughout the unfolding story. These fully-voiced diary entries allow players to understand the character’s thoughts and experiences. More Fate Episodes unlock as players progress, level up characters, and complete existing Fate Episodes.


Completing Fate Episodes yields more than just a deeper understanding of the characters. Players receive stat bonuses, enhancing the Captain’s capabilities. Furthermore, the unlocking of slots for equipping Sigils adds another layer of customization, allowing for a more tailored and powerful Captain.

Best Captain Build

DPS Build

When it comes to wreaking havoc in the world of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, this build is tailor-made for Hard and Very Hard difficulty. Armed with the right skills and the Sword of Eos, Gran and Djeeta will dominate until Maniac difficulty, and even then, a few upgrades might be all you need. Let’s break down how to transform these characters into unstoppable killing machines.

Weapon: Sword of Eos

The undisputed choice for a DPS build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the Sword of Eos provides a significant attack boost. Enhance it further by adding Wrightstone traits like Critical Hit. Stick with this weapon from the early game onwards, and watch the Captain turn into a formidable damage dealer.


With a plethora of skills available, you can only equip four at a time, so let’s focus on maximizing damage:

  1. Decimate
  2. Reginleiv
  3. Armor Break
  4. Rage

Build up your Arts level to four when facing monsters, especially bosses. Once there, unleash a devastating combo—start with Rage, follow up with Armor Break, and finish with Decimate. Save Reginleiv for situations where the enemy is airborne or tries to escape the party.

Don’t forget Sigils; prioritize the following:

  1. Attack Power
  2. Critical Hit Rate
  3. Stun Power
  4. Critical Damage
  5. Exploiter
  6. Quick Charge

Elevate each Sigil to at least level three or four for maximum impact. Defensive Sigils won’t be a concern if you have support characters to heal or divert enemy attention.

Support Build

For those who prefer a supportive role, our next build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink focuses on healing, protecting, and buffing allies. The classic Partenza weapon and a strategic selection of skills make Gran and Djeeta the guardians of the party.

Weapon: Partenza

At first glance, Partenza may seem unconventional, but its flat HP increase turns the Captains into formidable tanks. This choice allows flexibility for additional Wrightstones to enhance different stats, ensuring the main character withstands most hits.


Navigate the Defensive Mastery Tree with these support skills, striking a balance between survivability and enabling your crew to deal decisive blows:

  1. Overdrive Surge
  2. Phalanx
  3. Substitute
  4. Clarity

While there’s no strict rotation, prioritize spamming Overdrive Surge. The other skills come into play situationally, especially during an enemy’s Overdrive state. Charged attacks will be your primary source of damage, so consider these Sigils:

  1. Charged Attack
  2. Quick Charge
  3. Aegis
  4. Garrison
  5. Firm Stance
  6. Provoke

No need for Health Sigils here, as your weapon provides the necessary boost; instead, focus on enhancing other defensive stats.

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