GBF Relink: How to Respec

Details that will allow you to reallocate your skill points to optimize your character builds.

Respec is a mechanic that allows you to regain skill points so you can optimize your character builds. In this guide, we explained how to optimize your character builds and group compositions.

How to Respec

Granblue Fantasy Relink introduces a robust character progression system that requires careful planning and commitment. As there is no respec option, every decision in allocating Mastery Points (MSP) and unlocking skills shapes the trajectory of your character. Follow this guide to optimize your character builds and party composition without the luxury of respecing.

Understanding Character Mastery Progression

Character Masteries in Granblue Fantasy Relink follow a branch system, leading to offensive or defensive Skill Nodes. Prioritize unlocking nodes strategically, considering the impact on both individual characters and the overall party.

  • Triangle Nodes (Skills): Represent active skills, more powerful but costly.
  • Circle Nodes: Include passive buffs, stats, or other enhancements.

Optimizing Character Builds without Respec

Given the absence of a respec feature, make informed decisions during Mastery Progression:

  • Skip Irrelevant Skills: As you progress, some skills may become irrelevant to your build. Choose to skip these nodes to save MSP for more critical upgrades.
  • Read Descriptions: Carefully read skill descriptions and additional effects before committing to unlock or skip a node.

Reassigning Skills in Character Loadout

Players can equip a maximum of 4 skills in their loadout. Plan and balance your skills to avoid overflow:

  • Plan Your Build: Set a goal for your character’s playstyle and swap out early skills for more effective ones as you progress.

Allocating Mastery Points Wisely

MSP is a limited resource shared among characters. Efficiently manage MSP allocation:

  • Review Party Composition: Regularly assess party strengths and weaknesses to guide MSP allocation.
  • Earning MSP: Gain MSP through leveling up, treasure chests, story progression, side quests, and Crewmate Cards.

Trying New Characters with Crewmate Cards

Explore the joy of RPG customization by introducing new characters to your party:

  • Obtain Crewmate Cards: Earned by completing quests.
  • Visit Siero’s Knickknack Shack: Use Crewmate Cards to recruit new allies and receive bonus MSP.

Mastering character progression in Granblue Fantasy Relink demands foresight and strategic thinking. Embrace the commitment to your choices and adapt your party composition as you unlock more powerful skills. With these tips, you’ll navigate the character progression system efficiently and build a formidable party in the fantastical world of Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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