Broken Arrow Playtest US Airborne Build and Strat

Detailed information about a good airborne and offensive strategy with the USA.

In action-packed battles, it is important to think quickly and apply a good strategy. A good download from the USA can give you an advantage in the Broken Arrow Playtest. In this guide, we explained the details about the US Airborne Structure and Strat.

US Airborne Build and Strat

This guide will show you good weather and aggressive strategy with the USA!

Recon 1500/1500

REC 1500/1500:

  • 4/4 Cavalry Scouts – 2/4 M1283 AMPVs – These guys are for holding down zones or if you are trying to get a good ambush going against armored. they are also pretty fast and easy to hide since they are such a small team but you wouldnt be using these for your first assault.
  • 6/6 Force Recon+Green Ops – On Foot – These are your backbone of what you will drop in the first DZ at deployment phase or if you need a team to gather intel and setup ambushes when forward deployed. Many people say that black ops is better but I beg to differ with 1 force recon team I was able to take out 2 artillery and AA positions and I was able to adjust what they were attacking with. If you want them for solely recon than hold fire but if you want them to also ambush than tell them to hold fire until they are at wp.
  • 4/4 Scout Snipers+Anti Material Rifle – On Foot – These guys you will always drop them via paradrop. they are solely used for recon so a good 99% of the time they are on hold fire unless they are in a decent elevated building. They are also mainly used for laser des targets especially when behind enemy lines and you need to take out a arty spot or a AA spot and it helps the CAS not needing to fly back around when desing. Also they can laser des almost across the map when in a highrise.
  • 2/2 M7A3 BFIST+Protective System/M7A3 Variant – I almost never use these but they have a laser des and they are good for deploying a bit forward in a treeline as they have really good range.

Infantry 1995/2000

INF 1995/2000:

  • 4/4 Marine Raiders+Standoff – On Foot – Along with your force recon they will be your first drop in now ive messed and swapped between Doorkickers and Stand off but I prefer standoff due to range because they will most likely have more range than majority of russian infantry and the MAAWS has a shorter reload time. So youre either deploying them airdrop or via helo.
  • 10/12 Marines – 4/10 AAVO-7A1 – A good 80% of the time you will deploy the marines via helo when you cap first objective but sometimes helos can be pricey so 4 AAVs is cheap and good for desperate transportation. I usually deploy these guys after I cap the first zone.
  • 4/4 CAAT Dragons – On Foot – These guys will 90% of the time be deployed via helo as soon as you capture the first zone as they are heavily defensive and only good for that especially on maps like frontier or Chern. Only use them for defense and they come before the marines.
  • 1/4 TOW Team+ TOW-2b top attack missile – On Foot – I only have 1 since the CAAT dragons do heavily lifting but if you place them perfectly with their range they can defend 3 zones at once besides powerplant. they are extremely good and your best AT capability.

Vehicles 2970/3000

VEH 2970/3000:

  • 3/4 M1A1 FEP+TUSK armor package/AN/LVQ6 Jammer – These your mid tanks really theyre good for when you wanna defend I mostly use them for if I need 1 or 2 on a zone especially if its being pushed by armored and they have decent protection to hold out for a bit.
  • 3/4 M1A1 HC+TUSK armor package/AN/VLQ6 Jammer – These you can use to defend or push as the cheapest decent MBT so if you need a good mass of a few tanks just call these guys in and you can use them to push or defend.
  • 2/2 M1A2 SEP v3 Trophy+ TUSK2 Armor+Trophy APS – These are your most expensive vehicles and the best armored the US faction can get. They can be used for all rounders especially mid to late game.
  • 4/4 LAV-ATM+LAV-AT Modernized+A2 Armor+Smoke – These are your most important vehicles since you can airdrop these guys with the MRaiders and Force Con giving them more AT and some armor capability
  • 2/4 M901A3+Slat armor+smoke – These guys are cheap but really effective defenders with AT capabilities. I personally wouldnt use these for attacking as I have gotten more use out of them defending by placing them in a good position.

Helos 750/750

HEL 750/750:

  • 3/8 UH-1Y Venom – These guys are quick and cheap. you will be mainly using them to deploy the CAAT teams and TOW teams and CAV scouts and they are harder to hit from what ive seen.
  • 2/4 MV-22B Osprey – This is your most important transpo helo. 1 can carry 26 marines and they are extremely fast so you can carry 52 marines quickly to a LZ.

1/4 AH-1W Supercobra

  • Inner Pylons: 38x Hydra rockets
  • Outer Pylons: 4x TOW-2 AT Missiles
  • The supercobra is cheaper than the viper and can still pack a punch the only difference is the viper im pretty sure is faster and holds AIMs but youre really only gonna be using this as a quick and cheap CAS.
  • 1/4 CH-53E Super Stallion – It cant carry as much as the King variant but its still really good for deploying a few squads of anything really and it can carry supplies.

Support 1630/1750

SUP 1630/1750:

  • 4/4 LAV-AD – These guys are also important as its another option to drop on the first go but these are literally PIVADs with sams with paradrop capability they are insanely good and they arent that pricey.
  • 4/4 LAV-L +Mk 19 grenade launcher/A2 armor package – These guys you can also paradrop with infantry and they are really good for anti infantry or taking out small vehicles. they can also carry a little bit of supplies enough for infantry or small arty position if you drop with a LAV-M.
  • 1/4 M548A3 – This is moreso a filler unit really theyre cheap and can carry more supplies than the LAV-L.
  • 3/3 LAV-M – These guys are basically the LAVAT or LAVAD or LAVL but with mortars theyre good to drop with infantry or a LAVAD for a small and quick arty position setup
  • 1/2 M270A1 ATACMS+ATACMS – Once youre set mid to late game these guys are so devastating I love them with a passion and have saved me multiple times and they are good when positioned well.
  • 3/4 M163 PIVADs – These dudes are good early cheap AA defenses even tho they dont have a sams system because they are PIVADs but they are really good for being cheap especially against Helo or paradrops.
  • 1/4 M6A4 M-Shorad+M6A4 M-Shorad/BUSK reactive armor – This was mainly a filler but its actually really good for being a solo AA with some decent armor especially when hidden.

Air Option 1 1000/1000

Air Option 1 1000/1000:

This is my first out of 2 air build options and this one is called cluster hell. This deck is made for sheer force of cluster and dropping payloads that is the sole reason of this build. it may not have the best AT capability besides the mavericks really but its mainly supposed to level zones.

KC-130 –

  • Fuselage: x10 Griffin Missiles
  • Pylon: 4x GBU-53 Stormbreaker
  • This is your main plane in this deck as its your best deployment option for majority of your units and the one you will be deploying immediately stacked with units. The Missiles and GBUs are good for being a secondary CAS plane like for an example if you have a scout sniper team or a Scout bradly or a teammates scouts are lasing something and you dont have enough points or time to call in an actual plane and its in the AO it can do some serious damage.

3/3 AV-8B Night Attack –

  • Centerline: 2x Mk.82 500lb
  • Inner Pylons: 2x AGM-65 Maverick
  • Middle Pylons: 2x Mk.83 1000lb
  • Outer Pylons: 2x Mk.82 500lb
  • This is the main reason why this air build is called cluster hell because the whole point of it is just try to completely rock the ground its sole purpose is to to drop as many bombs as possible on a single point, the AGMs are a secondary CAS AT option as 2 of them can take out a T90 fully upgraded and if your jet has some fuel or health left.

Air Option 2 955/1000

Air Option 2 955/1000:

This build is solely for AT and precision CAS. Keep in mind to use this build you must know how to micromanage really well and be extremely aware and coordinated with your recon units and your teammates. ive won so many times because of this air build. This build is not suggest to players who are new to wargames.

KC-130 –

  • Fuselage: 10x Griffin Missiles
  • Pylon: 4x GBU-53 Stormbreaker
  • Same thing as the other KC130 build in Option 1.

1/2 AV-8B harrier II plus –

  • Centerline: GAU-12+Des. Pod
  • Inner Pylons: 2x GBU-55 LJDAM 1000lb
  • Middle Pylons: 2x AGM-65 Mavericks
  • Outer Pylons: 2x AGM-122 sidearm
  • This harrier is for precision bombing and strafing run. you must know how to laser des targets and how to place your strafing runs even tho it doesnt have unguided rockets the AGMs are really good for AT.

1/4 F/A-18D Hornet –

  • Fuselage: 2x AIM-120 AMRAAM
  • Inner Pylons: 2x AGM-65 Maverick
  • Outer Pylons: 4x CBU-78 Rockeye
  • This is used mainly as your multirole since it has some Air to Air capability but can also be used as CAS due to the rockeyes and mavericks. alot of people wouldnt use a maverick but I personally find it very useful since it has the most penetration at 200mm HEAT as a clusterbomb.

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  1. I will be giving this a try, thanks for the information! Good read. If you could provide a detailed summary of how and when to use units in order or atleast a rough guide that would be great!

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