GBF Relink Character Building

GBF Relink: Character Building

What you need to know to building your character in Granblue Fantasy (GBF) Relink!

We’ll take a brief look at everything you need to building your character in Granblue Fantasy (GBF) Relink. First of all, this guide explains the things you will need when configuring your character and how to use these systems.

Main Menu for Character Building

The main menu contains everything you need to build up your characters. Certain features will become available as you progress through the game.


Customize the party formation you will take into battle.

  • Swap or remove party members.
  • You can quickly switch between different party formations by saving them as party sets.


Give your characters the tools to succeed in battle.

  • Feel free to change your weapon.
  • Feel free to equip or change your sigils.
  • You can quickly switch between different weapon/sigil/skill configurations by saving them as loadouts.


  • Equipping a weapon raises a character’s attack power and HP.
  • Each weapon also has its own traits, and uncapping a weapon raises its trait levels.
  • Some traits can’t be leveled up.


  • Sigils grant their traits to a character when equipped.
  • The strength of the trait is determined by the trait’s level (T. Lvl).
  • Press the PS5 Triangle Button to view details about a sigil’s traits.


Assign the skills you want your characters to take into battle.


Enhance your characters by spending mastery points to unlock new skills and stats. Mastery points are shared across all characters.

Mastery TypeDescription of Masteries
OffenseOffers mostly attack-oriented skills and stats.
DefenseOffers mostly defensive-oriented skills and stats.
CollectionUnlock stat bonuses.
Over MasterySpend mastery points to gain random stat bonuses.

How to Unlock Masteries

Alright, to kickstart your Mastery journey, dive into Chapter 1: The Western Frontier. There’s this quest waiting for you, named “Explore the Town,” and it pops up once you hit Folca Town. Your mission? Hunt down a bunch of NPCs while you’re chilling in town.

Top of the list? Give a shoutout to Katalina. Find her, have a chat, listen to her wisdom, and voilà – your Main Menu will now be rocking the Masteries section. You’ll spot her hanging around the edges of town, probably giving a dummy a hard time in some training session.

Once you’ve cracked open the Mastery vault in Chapter 1, you’ll be face-to-face with two main categories: Offense and Defense. Now, if you’re itching to unlock a Mastery node, you gotta throw some MSP (Mastery Points) into the mix. Keep an eye on the top right of your screen for your MSP count, and remember, the cost per node likes to shake things up as your character’s mastery levels up. Get those points, spend ’em wisely, and become the master of your domain!

How to Earn Mystery Points

Mastery Points is the currency used to unlock Mastery nodes in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Characters will earn Mastery Points through various ways:

  • Mastery Points are earned as characters level up
  • Can be retrieved from Treasure Chests
  • Normal Story Progression
  • Completing Side Quests from the Quest Counter

Character Details

Press PS5 Triangle Button on the Party screen or Main Menu screen to view the selected character’s gear and stats.

You can do the following on the Character Details screen:

  • View the character’s equipped weapon and sigils, their assigned skills, and their status.
  • View their command list.
  • View active traits and support skills.
  • Customize their name and appearance.
    • Only the captain’s name can be changed.

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