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GBF Relink: Charlotta Build Guide – Granblue Fantasy

How to play and build Charlotta, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


Charlotta A Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Tiny Justice

Race: Harvin
Element: Light
Style: Balanced, DPS
Skybound Art: Noble Execution
Weapon Specialty: Sabre

Meet Charlotta, your trusty ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink. This gal’s got some serious moves – she’s all about slicing and dicing foes with quick cuts and aerial attacks. Bold and straightforward, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Now, in Granblue Fantasy Relink, allies or companions aren’t your run-of-the-mill sidekicks. These recruits join your party for both exploration and combat, bringing their unique flair to the mix. They’re not just clones – each one stands out with their own element, weapon specialization, combat style, personality, and appearance.

Building your dream team is a big deal. You can assemble a party of four, with you taking charge of the leftmost slot. But here’s the twist – in the main story, you gotta have The Captain in your crew. Once that’s sorted, you’re free to switch between characters and play as anyone you fancy.

Charlotta Skills

Charlotta Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

Charlotta Combo Attacks

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Noble Strategy
Power Strike (Lunge)(After high jumping)
Power Strike (Dive)(After high jumping)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Charlotta

To recruit Charlotta in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, players need to utilize a Crewmate Card, obtainable at Siero’s Knickknack Shack. The Character Recruitment feature becomes accessible starting from Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue.

To obtain a Crewmate Card, players can progress through the main campaign or story. Siero provides Crewmate Cards at specific chapters in the game. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card

Additionally, Crewmate Cards in GBF Relink can be acquired as rewards for completing specific side quests available at a town’s “Quest Counter.” Ensure to explore and tackle these quests to enhance your crew in the game.

How to Play Charlotta

Charlotta, the captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, wielding an oversized weapon matched only by the size of her heart. Her duty is unwavering – to ensure that evil never prevails.

Basic Attacks:

  • Continuously pressing unleashes a flurry of slashes that gradually gain strength.
  • Ending the combo with executes a powerful finishing attack.
  • Mid-air attacks can be initiated with , causing Charlotta to leap and perform a whirling slash on landing.
  • Different attack styles can be triggered mid-air using or .

Special Skills:

  • (Valiant Stance): Grants Charlotta an attack boost of 30% – 120% that strengthens over time. This effect is exclusive to Charlotta and fades when damaged.
  • (Shining Onslaught): Performs a multi-hit lunge attack, inflicting a 15% defense reduction on hit.
  • (Sword of Lumiel): Unleashes a flurry of wider slashes, dealing increased damage with each swing. Holding keeps it spinning.
  • (Holy Ladder): Jumps into the air, unleashing a long-range whirlwind of slashes. Follow up with or for an aerial follow-up attack.

Combat Style: Charlotta excels in agility, utilizing her petite size and quick movement speed. While she possesses supportive skills, she shines as a formidable light attacker, applying pressure to nearby opponents. Her rapid attacks and slashing speed, coupled with multi-hit and flurry attacks, make her a high-risk, high-reward character.

Combat Approach:

  • Learn to dodge or block effectively to capitalize on Charlotta’s agility.
  • Take advantage of her quick movements and skills to apply relentless pressure on enemies.
  • Master her maneuvers for an aggressive combat style.

Skill Rotation:

  • Start with Valiant Stance to buff her attacks.
  • Follow with Shining Onslaught to inflict damage and reduce enemy defense.
  • Execute Sword of Lumiel for an extended damaging combo.
  • Finish the rotation with Holy Ladder for a decisive blow.

Best Charlotta Build

Best Charlotta Build
Charlotta Build

You can see the best party, crucial skills, essential gear, traits, and sigils for Charlotta in the build gallery below.



While our usual recommendation for weapons leans towards those with a flat attack bonus for our builds, we decided to diverge from the norm with Charlotta’s build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, opting instead for Arondight, which provides Stun Power. This unconventional choice has proven its worth. Despite not directly boosting her attack stats, Arondight synergizes well with Charlotta’s high attack speed, enabling her to deal substantial stun damage to enemies, particularly in certain boss encounters. To further amplify her damage output, consider enhancing Arondight with additional Wrightstone for traits such as critical hit damage.

Skills and Sigils

Charlotta excels in delivering heavy blows and can even debuff enemies with specific abilities. Here are the skills we recommend:

  1. Shining Onslaught
  2. Holy Ladder
  3. Valiant Stance
  4. Sword of Lumiel

Mastering Charlotta’s combos is crucial for optimizing her performance. Her attack speed increases with button-mashing, demanding precise positioning before unleashing a flurry of strikes. Timing the leaping attack accurately is key to executing the combo finisher, which becomes more potent with chained normal attacks. Initiate combat with Valiant Stance and Shining Onslaught; the former grants an escalating attack boost, while the latter serves as both a gap closer and a debuff against the enemy’s defense. Utilize Sword of Lumiel when the enemy is vulnerable, exploiting their broken state for significant damage, and conclude with Holy Ladder.

Given our focus on stun power and heightened critical hit damage, prioritize acquiring the following sigils:

  1. Attack Power
  2. Stun Power
  3. Cascade
  4. Critical Hit Rate
  5. Critical Damage
  6. Combo Booster
  7. Combo Finisher

These sigils are readily accessible and furnish Charlotta with a substantial attack boost sans any drawbacks. While defensive sigils could be considered, we advise allocating those roles to other characters dedicated to tanking and healing.

Overall, Charlotta stands as an exceptional character capable of dominating DPS charts. Proficiency in positioning is paramount, necessitating familiarity with enemy patterns during combat. With practice, you’ll find yourself commanding the battlefield as this virtuous knight.

Charlotta Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes, a unique feature in Granblue Fantasy Relink, offer players a glimpse into each Ally’s viewpoint throughout the unfolding story. These fully-voiced diary entries allow players to understand the character’s thoughts and experiences. More Fate Episodes unlock as players progress, level up characters, and complete existing Fate Episodes.

Completing Fate Episodes yields more than just a deeper understanding of the characters. Players receive stat bonuses, enhancing the Charlotte capabilities. Furthermore, the unlocking of slots for equipping Sigils adds another layer of customization, allowing for a more tailored and powerful Charlotte.

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