GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – S2, W3 and V2 Trial Tips

S2, W3 and V2 Trial Tips

Block the Entrance

Going for the wizard stash immediately seems to be a bad idea for most trial fields. You need to set up your defenses first.

(W4) block the entrance with 2 towers on the top left, spam all slots with level 1 gems in the first wave except for the two towers in the bottom right.

You can block the short path with a tower. Then move the blue gem to the lowest tower, place a copy in the upper left, the third gem anywhere else. Upgrade your gems to G2 before you place on near the wizard stash. Hot-swapping gems closer to the orb is very helpful.

Upgrade Towers

Upgrade towers that get max exposure. When placing the tower on the left try place it just close enough to the chest. A level 3 gem can break the chest open and it does it quickly. You can do it right near the end.


You start with one blue gem, just copy it. The Trial removes the ability to produce gems. The trick is the duplicate function mate, just tap d on that first gem to dupe it, keep a low-level gem so you can keep producing them.


2 towers on the left, next to beacons, with grade 2 and grade 1 blue. Add one purple on the bottom. Upgrade all of them to grade 2. Place purple near the stash, upgrade it to G2.
That should kill most of the enemies while leaving you with enough mana to banish stragglers. You can sell one of the gems in a pinch or if you need more time for the stash.

You can also start with a single tower next to the stash with a G1 Purp and let it do its thing, it will finish around wave 12-13 if you place it at the start. Then follow the tower advice from KamPa.

W3 Trial

Tips for the W3 trial: Dual Gems:

First place a tower at the entrance leading in, then duplicate the gem and put it a tower next to the stash. Eventually, add more towers near the stash, stick L1 oranges in them just to chip it away and get the mana until it opens, reposition your tower and combine the gems (or throw them as bombs) to survive the last wave.

V2 Trial

Just finished:

  • Wait a second to get the level 2 mana pool
  • Create 3 levels 2 dual gems
  • Place 2 near the northeastern barricades to destroy them, place 1 in the center tower
  • Once the northeastern barricades are destroyed, put a wall down to make the enemies go around those 3 towers, focus firepower there
  • Periodically put a gem into a tower beside the wizard stash
  • In the end, I had 4 levels 3 dual gems total, all in the northeast corner

Took a dozen tries to work, many times the monsters just got lucky in wave 1 and destroyed the base.

S3 Trial

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