Generation Zero – Disable Anti Aliasing

How to Disable Anti-Aliasing

If you really want to turn AA off you can edit;

Documents/Avalanche Studios/GenerationZero/


with any text editor.

Look for “GraphicsAA”: and change the number after it to a 0.

In-Game Values:

FXAA = “GraphicsAA”: 1,

FXAA + TAA = “GraphicsAA”: 3,

To disable AA change to “GraphicsAA”: 0,

Note, if you set it to 0 and afterwards when you go in game and check in the graphics options it will still say FXAA or FXAA + TAA because there in game text relating to the setting of “0”.

Also, when you go into the graphics options in-game and exit again there is a chance it will set it back to FXAA or FXAA + TAA because it saves the file when you exit out of the graphics settings, therefore, after editing do NOT go into the graphics settings or you will have to re-edit the file, it’s easy enough though.

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