Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Unlockables, Modes & Leveling Guide

Unlock answers and insights in our comprehensive Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising guide. Explore details on basics, leveling up, mods, rupie shop, unlockables, and more!

This guide is ready to be the solution to many of your answers about the game! Check out the details in our guide for the basic stuff, leveling up, mods, rupie shop, unlockables and more in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Unlockables, Modes & Leveling Guide

This guide will cover a lot of what Rising has than in Versus, but with slight differences and changes here and there. (The guide is currently a work in progress.) If you have previous save data from Versus, you can transfer it over to Rising (one time only). The following that does get transferred…

  • RPG Mode/Story Progress (Up to Episode 55 with past episode clear ranks you’ve gotten at the time, starts you out at Part 3 with various unlocks, such as Journal (Gallery) entries, and various Support and Sub Skills.)
  • Tournament Trophies (specific titles from participating and/or winning from an official GBVS tournaments.)
  • EX Color (a color given out probably as a participation or a prize from winning the official GBVS tournaments.)
  • Battle Pass Rewards (Color #19 and Weapon Skin #8 for characters you’ve unlocked within the 5 battle passes from Versus. Otherwise, they are unlockable in-game in Rising.)

Be aware that the save transfer only works if you own the full game (either Standard or Deluxe edition), it will not work in the Free Edition.

Basic Stuff

Character Hit Points: (For every other mode except Story mode.)

  • 14000: Avatar Belial
  • 15000: Metera/Ferry/Nier
  • 16000: Gran/Djeeta/Katalina/Charlotta/Lancelot/Percival/Lowain/Zeta/Beelzebub/Narmaya/Zooey/Belial/Cagliostro/Yuel/Anre/Eustace/Seox/Vira/Anila/Grimnir
  • 17000: Soriz/Siegfried
  • 18000: Ladiva/Vaseraga

CPU/Arcade Mode Boss HP:

  • Stage 7: Beelzebub (15000) / Avatar Belial (18000)
  • Stage 8: Lucilius (16000)
  • Controls: (Assuming default controls, button legend will assume Xbox buttons, then PS, and then NS buttons. L/M/H/U is used for the control scheme, but the button prompts can be changed in the options.)
  • D-Pad/Stick: Movement
  • X/Square/Y: L (Light)
  • Y/Triangle/X: M (Medium)
  • B/Circle/A: H (Heavy)
  • A/Cross/B: U (Unique Action)
  • LB/L1/L: Throw
  • LT/L2/ZL: Dash
  • RB/R1/R: Easy Skill moves (Special Moves), used in conjunction with the Pad/Stick for other skill moves. Note: Cooldown is only affected on Plus and Ultimate Skills (special moves).
  • RT/R2/ZR: Block (You can also press <-+Block to evade or ->+Block to roll out attacks and projectiles if timed right.)

As of Rising, Tactical Move – Rush, Tactical Move – Backshift, and Overdrive are no longer mechanics. They have been changed to newer mechanics, such as…

  • Triple Attack Enders: with ->+M for a low hitting attack, or ->+H for an overhead attack.
  • Dash Attacks: While Dashing, press ->+L for a quick attack, ->+M for a low attack, or ->+H for a high attack.
  • Ultimate Skills: With 50% SBA gauge, perform any special move with either Technical or Simple input with the U button. It can be also used while its in cooldown, but with reduced damage.
  • Raging Strikes: Press M+H simultaneously while you have at least 1 Bravery Point. It will inflict guard crush if the opponent blocks it, along with 1 Bravery Point removed.

But the opponent can also do the same and counter back with it if they were guard crushed, but it’ll cost them 2 Bravery Points to counter.

  • Raging Chains: A follow up to Raging Strikes by pressing M+H simultaneously again, which uses 25% SBA gauge and can be followed up into various combos.
  • Brave Counters: A counterattack while guarding while also pressing M+H simultaneously, this will use 1 Bravery Point.
  • Bravery Point System: You start with 3 in each round. They are used if you perform Raging Strikes and Brave Counters. However, you will lose them if you are guard crushed by a Raging Strike (1 point) or taking damage from a Skybound (1 point) or Super Skybound Art (2 points). You will take additional damage by the opponent the less Bravery Points you have. You can also recover a Bravery Point if you perform a S/SBA.
  • 3 or 2 Points: No effect / 1 Point: 20% additional damage. / 0 Points: 50% additional damage.

For Training:

  • LS/L3/LS: Switch control to P2 and/or record opponent movement.
  • RS/R3/RS: Switch control back to P1 and/or replay opponent movement.
  • You can view the command list for every character by pausing the game. They will show you how to perform the moves (Skills and Skybound Arts) in both Simple and Technical forms along with demonstration clips on the side.
  • As of Rising, the tutorial (Situational Training) and character combos (see “Basic Combos” on Character Guide) are now part of the Training mode.


Work in Progress…

Leveling is a system new to Rising where the more you play with any character or in Grand Bruise Legends where you earn various rewards and you’ll earn experience to unlock various items (which some are available in the Rupie Shop) along with additional Rupies too at various levels.

Experience can be earn in online matches and in the arcade mode. However, you earn more experience in online matches more, but less in arcade mode. (Experience numbers will vary.)

The rewards for characters are 500 levels max, and 100 in Grand Bruise Legends. (Free Edition has a level cap at 80 for characters and 40 in Grand Bruise legends.)

Character Level Rewards: (Various amounts of Rupies and Draw Tickets can be earned in-between levels. Each character has their own set of various Trophies and named weapon skins. Note: Belial and Avatar Belial share their own Character Level Rewards and have their own list.)

  • Lv.2: Trophy
  • Lv.6: Character Card Design: 1
  • Lv.8: Character Color 5
  • Lv.10: Badge: Character Level 10
  • Lv.20: Character Card Design: 2
  • Lv.26: Character Color 6
  • Lv.30: Weapon Skin 2
  • Lv.34: Trophy
  • Lv.44: Character Color 7
  • Lv.50: Badge: Character Level 50
  • Lv.55: Weapon Skin 3
  • Lv.60: Character Color 8
  • Lv.70: Trophy
  • Lv.75: Weapon Skin 4
  • Lv.85: Character Color 9
  • Lv.90: Weapon Skin 5
  • Lv.100: Badge: Character Level 100
  • Lv.105: Character Color 10
  • Lv.115: Weapon Skin 6
  • Lv.125: Character Color 11
  • Lv.130: Trophy
  • Lv.140: Character Color 12
  • Lv.150: Character Card Design: 3
  • Lv.160: Character Color 13
  • Lv.170: Character Color 14
  • Lv.180: Weapon Skin 7
  • Lv.190: Character Color 15
  • Lv.200: Badge: Character Level 200
  • Lv.210: Weapon Variation 1
  • Lv.220: Weapon Variation 2
  • Lv.230: Weapon Skin 8
  • Lv.240: Weapon Variation 3
  • Lv.260: Weapon Variation 4
  • Lv.280: Trophy
  • Lv.290: Weapon Skin 9
  • Lv.300: Badge: Character Level 300 / Weapon Variation 5
  • Lv.350: ??? (For Beelzebub and both Belials)
  • Lv.500: ???

Legend Level Rewards: (Various amounts of Rupies and Draw Tickets can be earned in-between levels.)

  • Lv.3: Trophy: Don’t Forget the Family Lizard!
  • Lv.5: Badge: Legend Level 5
  • Lv.10: Card Design: Legend Level Reward 1
  • Lv.20: Badge: Legend Level 20
  • Lv.30: Trophy: Granblue Genius
  • Lv.40: Badge: Legend Level 40
  • Lv.50: Card Design: Legend Level Reward 2
  • Lv.60: Trophy: 100% Certified Cardboard
  • Lv.70: Badge: Legend Level 70
  • Lv.75: Trophy: Understandable, Have a Nice Day
  • Lv.80: Card Design: Legend Level Reward 3
  • Lv.90: Trophy: The Laws of Nature Answer to Me!
  • Lv.100: Badge: Legend Level 100 / Lobby Avatar: Bonito

Rupie Shop

Work in Progress…

Note: The in-game currency is Rupies, but be aware that rupies are a server sided currency that you can earn by leveling up your characters or in Grand Bruise Legends. Along with completing daily challenges (which reset at 12PM PST). Weekly challenges are coming soon.

1. Character Colors:

  • (Colors 1-4 are available by default.)
  • Colors 5-8: 200 Rupies each. (Otherwise unlocked if the Deluxe edition was bought.)
  • Colors 9-13: 500 Rupies each.
  • Colors 14-15: 1000 Rupies each.
  • Colors 19-21: 2500 Rupies each.
  • Colors 9-15 can also be unlocked by playing the specific character and level them up online and in Arcade. (Online gives you the most experience, with arcade barely giving you any.)
  • Colors 16-18: Can be earned through the Crane Game (they can be found in the Online Lobby).
  • Color 19 is automatically unlocked if you got it through the battle passes from GBVS.
  • Buying/Unlocking colors will also apply to the Lobby Avatar as well. Same with secondary characters if they are a part of that character (Example: Vyrn and Lyria for Gran, and Yggdrasil for Lowain.)

2. Weapon Skins:

  • (Weapon Skin 1 is available by default)
  • Weapon Skins 2-4 are 600 Rupies each. (Otherwise unlocked if the Deluxe edition was bought.)
  • Weapon Skins 5-6 are 600 Rupies each.
  • Weapon Skin 7 is 1200 Rupies.
  • Weapon Skin 8 and 9 is 3500 Rupies each.

All of the weapon skins can also be unlocked by playing the specific character and level them up online and in Arcade. (Online gives you the most experience, with arcade barely giving you any.)
Weapon Skin 8 is automatically unlocked if you got it through the battle passes from GBVS.

3. Character Illustrations (GBVS):

  • 300 Rupies each.

4. Lobby Avatars:

  • Rackam
  • Io
  • Eugen
  • Rosetta
  • Societte
  • Therese
  • Bunny Girl
  • Bob
  • Referee
  • Vy-Ball
  • Joy
  • Eternal Gran
  • Eternal Djeeta
  • Gold Ship
  • 600 rupies each. 564 for Gold Ship.

5. Stages:

  • Coloseseum (Dusk)
  • Port Breeze Achipaleago (Night)
  • 200 Rupies each.

6. Card Designs (GBVS):

  • 300 Rupies each.

7. Character Figures:

  • Starter Set (dependant on character): 100, 200 or 300 Rupies each.
  • Poses 2 through 4: 300 Rupies each.

8. Other Figures:

  • Backgrounds: 600 Rupies each.

9. Special Content:

  • Eternal Edge Gran and Djeeta: 22500 Rupies each (Included with either purchase of the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Character Pass 1)
  • Siegfried (Fully-Masked Armor): 2500 Rupies
  • Weapon Cutout Ticket (Set of 10): 500 Rupies

Mode Specifics

Work in Progress…

Arcade Mode:

Arcade Mode Stage 7 Bosses:

  • 0-5 Spheres: Beelzebub
  • 6 Spheres: Avatar Belial

You earn 1 sphere (with a feather inside) every time you finish your opponents in Arcade mode with a Skybound Art (either SBA or SSBA). Up to a max of 6. Your stage 7 opponent will depend on the number of spheres earned. You will not earn any if you lose a single round or when you fight your Stage 7 opponent.

Bonus/Extra Stage (8): Lucilius
The following requirements…

  • 6 Skybound Art Finishes between Stages 1 through 6 (you won’t get any in Stage 7).
  • No round losses (or continues).
  • Difficulty does not matter.

You will only get one try against Lucilius in an arcade run, the difficulty for the fight is scaled depending most likely on specific difficulties selected through your arcade mode fights.
(For example: If all stages were done on Beginner difficulty, then the Lucilius fight will be set to Hard.)


Lobby Avatars:

  • Rein: Clear Episode 81 in Story mode.
  • Lunalu: Clear Arcade Mode with Lunalu.
  • Helel ben Shalem: Defeat Beelzebub (Nightmare difficulty) in Arcade mode.
  • Colossus Omega: Clear Episode 18 (Hard difficulty) in Story mode.
  • Yggdrasil: Clear Episode 26 (Hard difficulty) in Story mode.
  • Proto Bahamut: Clear Episode 38 (Hard difficulty) in Story mode.
  • Nice-Abs Vyrn: Complete 27 combos in Combo Practice.
  • Fluorescent Marva: Create and save 3 total dioramas in the Figure Studio.
  • Gorilla: Perform Ultimate Skills 100 times.
  • Bonito: Reach Legend Level 100.
  • Vikala (Yin): Part of the Deluxe Character Pass 1 (either by purchasing the digital Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe Character Pass 1).
  • Special Week/Tokai Teio/Meijiro McQueen/Silence Shizuka: Requires Purchase of the UmaMusume: Pretty Derby Premium Avatar Set (DLC).


  • Point Zero: Clear Part 3 (Episode 81) of Story Mode.

Character Figures:
NPC Figures: Beatrix, Vane, Rein, Sandalphon, Lucilius, Versusia – Clear Part 3 (Episode 81) in Story mode.

Card Design:

  • Defeat the Primal Beast bosses in Story mode Hard Difficulty to earn their specific card design.


  • Various items from the Journal, either in Artwork, and in Music, can be unlocked for 100 Rupies each. Other items can be unlocked either via certain conditions in Arcade and in Story mode.

Arcade Endings:

  • Normal Ending: Defeat Beelzebub in Stage 7 / True Ending: Defeat Avatar Belial in Stage 7 and Lucilius in Stage 8.

Story Mode

Work in Progress…

Story mode has changed fairly from RPG mode, as it no longer uses the weapon grid system, along with character levels gone, and to no longer be able play in co-op offline and offline, only CPU (Auto) as your 2P partner (specific episodes).

Also, certain characters are episode specific only, unlike in Versus where you could just play as anyone if you have already unlocked them. Also characters will start with fixed amounts of ATK and HP for that specific episode. All fights are always boss fights and you no longer fight mobs of non-boss enemies. Tower of Babyl is also no longer available.

Color, Weapon Skin, and Outfit can be selected/changed before battle.

Support Skills and Subskills can also be set before battle. (Some might need to be unlocked first.)

If your main character’s HP hits 0, regardless of partner HP, “Quest Failed” will appear, however, you can either continue with a 10% Attack and HP increase (Max: 100%) or continue the fight without the attack/HP increase.

Battle Pass

Coming Soon…

Edition Comparisons

Work in Progress…

The Skyfarer's Guide to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Additional Info (for Free Edition users):

  • Training Mode: All of the Training mode functions are available, including frame data. The only exceptions are that Situational and Matchup training are only avaialble for Gran.
  • Online Lobby Avatar: Gran (Casual Wear) only.
  • Story Mode: Up to Episode 40.
Written by NeoStrayCat

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