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Thronefall Uferwind Quest F

Conquer the Uferwind Quest F in Thronefall's fourth level with our detailed guide. Find crucial information to secure victory in this challenging quest!

If you are looking for detailed information for Uferwind Quest F in Thronefall, the fourth level in the fall of the throne, there is information in our rehebr that will help you achieve victory!

This is the guide squirrat it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Thronefall Level Uferwind Quest F

This method is for after the Endless mode update Uferwind Quest F.

Loadout Screen


Weapon – Lightning Staff


  • Commander Mode – All your units and buildings deal +40% more damage to enemies but your own damage is -60% less effective.
  • Castle Blueprints – Walls and towers have +70% more health
  • Power Tower (Required) – The tower you are closes to gets a significant attack speed boost of 233%.


  • Turtle – Enemies have +75% more health but you will get +40% more points and XP if you win.
  • Tiger – Enemies deal +75% more damage but you will get +20% more points and XP if you win.
Thronefall, Level Uferwind - Quest F post update (game version 1.34)

Level Building Guide and Notes

General pre-requisite skills that may not be intuitive:

Have to micro manage your longbow archers to be able to kill air units without taking hits. This gets easier after the third castle upgrade, but there are some air levels you have to manually move them out of the line of fire in between the air units firings. Longbows are soft and die easily, but the air units also fire slow projectiles, so it is easy to move them out of the way. But it does take some learning to do this correctly to not lose the Harbors.

Level 1 [Soldiers{47}]

Before Level begins: Do not build the bridge south of the castle ever. Build the two bridges so ground units can’t reach the harbor in the South. That harbor is going to be the first built, and main source of steady income. Build the farms and tower next to castle.

Build: Castle(3), Bridge(2), Bridge(2), Harbor(3), Farm(2), Farm(2), Tower(3)

End of Level Notes:

  • No building lost
  • Income 15

Level 1 after building:

Thronefall, Level Uferwind - Quest F post update (game version 1.34)

Level 2 [Soldiers, Crossbowmen]

Before Level begins: The towers in front of castle, NW rear corner of Castle to hit enemies.

Build: Upgrade Castle(7) with Builders Guild, Wall(3), Tower(3)

End of Level Notes:

  • No buildings lost
  • Income 14

Level 3 [Flyers]

Before Level Begins: Doesn’t really matter which archer barracks you build first, but have to get anti-air archers, Longbows, first. Build a second harbor, the one South of Castle is good. Longbows are to start all the way in the Southernmost point until the air units are neutralized. You have to protect them from getting hit by the siege units, takes a bit of aggro skill to move them around while still firing. Have to protect the Harbor, so kill all the South Air units first. Then move upward back to defend the castle.

Build: Upgrade Harbor(7), South Archers Longbows(4), Harbor(3)

End of Level Notes:

  • No buildings lost
  • Some archers died
  • Towers only damaged
  • Income 22

Level 4 [Spear men{16}, Crossbows{25}]

Before Level Begins: The Northern harbor is the last one to build, along with the farms north of the Castle outside wall, near that harbor. Fire Archers are to be placed inside your castle wall, and held in place so they don’t move.

Build: Harbor(3)[North], Upgrade Harbor(7)[North], Farms*4(8), Fire Archers(4)[Northern]

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost the harbor south of castle
  • Lost two Farms outside castle wall
  • Income 28

Level 5 [Horsemen{12}, Air Units from the East{20}]

Build: Towers*6(18), Upgrade Longbows(8), Farm(2)
**Start at South to protect the harbor, rest of buildings will be destroyed

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost all Northern buildings and outside farms
  • Lost towers
  • Income 31

Level 6 [Siege Units{38}]

Build: Upgrade Fire Archers(8), Build 30% Ranged Resistance Blacksmith(4), Upgrade towers(15), Berserkers(4)

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost all outside buildings outside castle wall
  • Income 34

Screenshot before building Stage 6

Thronefall, Level Uferwind - Quest F post update (game version 1.34)

Level 7 [Witches{alot}]

Build: Upgrade Base Level 3 Commander(20), Harbor Upgrade(7), Tower outside base(3), Farms*2(4)

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost five farms
  • Lost 1 tower
  • Income 37

Level 8 [Air from East, Spear men, Crossbowmen]

Build: Upgrade Longbows(16), Upgrade South Tower(5), Upgrade SE Tower(5), Upgrade North Tower(5), Upgrade NE Tower(5)
**Again, protect the harbor first, rest of buildings will be destroyed

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost all outside farms
  • Lost some towers
  • Income 41

Level 9 [Siege{alot}, Air Units{alot}]

Build: Build Wall(15), Upgrade Wall(20), Upgrade Wall(5)

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost only outside farms and some towers
  • Income 57
Thronefall, Level Uferwind - Quest F post update (game version 1.34)

Level 10 [Air units{50}, Siege rollers{25}]

Build: Upgrade Fire Archers(16), Upgrade Fortress tower(15), Upgrade Tower(5), Upgrade Fortress Tower(15), Build Hero Spawn Firewing(5)

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost North Harbor, Farms
  • Income 53

Level 11 [All enemies]

Build: Upgrade Hero(9), Upgrade Hero(18), Build Spear men(4), Fortress Tower(15), Upgrade Tower(5)

End of Level Notes:

  • Lost all the stuff outside castle
  • Income 44

Level 12 [Air & Siege{alot}]

Build: Upgrade Fortress Tower(15), Upgrade Fortress Tower(15), Upgrade Spear men(8), Towers*2(6)

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