Dead Frontier 2 Christmas Event 2023 Snow Devil

Dive into Christmas excitement in Dead Frontier 2! Explore our guide for details on the snow devil and other aspects of the festive Christmas event!

Now that the Christmas excitement has started in Dead Frontier 2, there is information about snow devil in our guide for those who are curious about the details of the Christmas event!

This is the guide Fumo Christmas Bnnuy n Frends it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Dead Frontier 2 Christmas Event 2023 Snow Devil

This guide will give you detailed information about the snow devil in winter event of Christmas 2023.

Seasonal Zombies

  • Sugar craving debuff = getting it during the event with drops or zombies. Makes you move faster 15% movement speed and 20% search speed buff. AT the cost debuff of 10% headshot 10% bodyshot and -1% health for the duration
  • Undead helpers = they are the small tiny children with hats. A little tanky but more so harder to hit. Getting hit causes the sugar craving debuff
  • Seasonal zombies = the original ones are just zombies with hats on that can absorb quite a lot of damage depending on the location.
  • Krampus = old boss type. Has a snow effect around it. it moves slow but rushes with the stalker animation and lunges with the reaper animation.
  • Wendigoo = Spitter with moosehead cosmetic. It power walks / drags fast and has a roar that causes the sugar cravings debuff.
  • Snow devil = new infected zombie type for event. Reapers with white and a horned face. Will leap at you. Can cause significant damage and are pretty tanky
  • Frosty tyrant = old event boss. Snowman creep. Can be found variants around places but the big guy is only found in purple zones (pzs)
  • Viracious Snow Devil = new event boss. Snow devils but bigger. Very fast and tanky. Reaper tactics of walking slowly then rushing at you.

Thankfully these do not lunge at you but they are fast and high reload knockback or decent distance for reloading are to be considered to battle it as it is fast and leaves very few room for error.

Purple Zones

There are several seasonal old and new types. Do note some only drop keys not sprockets which are used to open the fatman factory locked doors depending on which ones you get. Keys include: Cold key, Bone key, and Coal key.

Low lvl 1-10 pzs involve undead helpers 15 to kill and christmas infected 25 to kill. Very easy to do. Can give xp cash sprockets and keys

Lvl 15-20 pzs involve usually the undead helpers 25 to kill and krampus 1 to kill. Can give cash xp and keys

Lvl 25-35 pzs involve wendigoos 1 to kill and snow devils 5 to kill. Can give cash xp and keys

Lvl 40-50 pzs only involve the big seasonal bosses. The snow tyrant or the viracious snow devil. Killing 1 will yield cash xp (a significant amount) and 35 sprockets.

Fatman NPC and Fatman’s Factory

Fatman npc can be found inside greywood. Like prevoius holiday npcs talk and they give quests.
only 1st day subject to change but seems to be consistent in the past updates:

1. He’ll ask you to kill 50 undead helpers aka the small children with hats. The tiny ones. They are a bit tanky but not much else. You can do PZs, kill in the wild outside, or the 1st and 2nd floors will have them. If you don’t see them in the larger rooms (double doors); enter a single door and there are usually about 3-4.
turn in get xp cash and sprockets to craft holiday stuff

2. He’ll ask you to kill snow devils the new enemy type. You can find them on the 3rd and 4th floors of the factory, in PZs, in the wild, or just wait a bit in the factory they’ll spawn randomly.
kill 15 and get xp cash and sprockets

3. He’ll ask you to kill the snow tyrant aka the big creeper snowman reskin pz. Kill 1 and turn in for xp cash and sprockets.

Layout of the factory:

Factory loot is tied to the lvl. Day 1 is in lvl 30 areas south of greywood outpost so all loot and stuff found in the puzzle boxes or boss drops will be lvl 30-35 ish

There are 3 locked rooms that require keys to open and have bosses behind the double doors and loot rooms with the festive enemy types. Bosses drop sprockets. Also some zombies will randomly be lootable for 3 sprockets or so a small quantity randomly. Plus the area is perfect for finding egg nogg and holiday drops.

  • 1st floor / main floor = zombies and undead helper zombies. Cold key required locked double doors which at the end of the hallway double door is a snow tyrant creep. Killing drops 35 sprockets.
  • 2nd floor = more undead helpers (tiny children zombies) and rooms
  • 3rd floor = start seeing snow devils mostly behind the bone key requiring locked double door. Killing the snow devils in the hallway one will yield sprockets about 3 usually. Behind the double door is Wendingoo boss. Kill to get 35 sprockets
  • 4th floor = last floor on top. more loot rooms and zombies. Coal key requiring locked double doors. Behind the double door inside the loot room is the krampus boss with some undead helpers.

Sprockets and Craftables

They’re back. Collect them to craft stuff along with cash to craft.

25 sprockets 10 rare enhancers and 10k cash = 1 elite enhancer

300 sprockets and some cash can craft upgrades:

  • Snow devil pouches lvl 40 = 3% infected damage 8% mutant damage and 3% inventory capacity
  • Festive pouches lvl 40 = 10% search speed inventory capacity %find ammo and %find medical chance
  • Festive token lvl 50 = 10% unique and elite find chance on head gear

600 sprockets and about 50k cash can craft (stats randomly based on crafting outcome RNG and stats mentioned starting or minimum stats given):

  • Gunslinger pistol = a revolver that uses .40 ammo. Powerful but the main selling point aside from ammo type is 80% starting attack speed which is pretty fast
  • Fatman’s hedge trimmer = gives 24% base starting jogg speed sprint speed sprint cooldown and about 40% sprint duration. Along with 25% find unique chance
  • Jeans of greed = give -20% inc damage 40% health 24% jogg / sprint speed and 40% find medical chance as well as a debuff of -40% find food and find drink chance
  • Shoes of greed = gives 24% sprint speed jogg speed sprint cooldown 40% sprint duration and 40% find ammo chance as well as a debuff of -40% find food / drink chance

Christmas Holiday Buff

As any seasonal event you get

  • 100% xp gain
  • 100% find ammo chance
  • 100% find unique chance
  • 100% find elite chance

For the duration of the event.

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