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Echocalypse Tier List: Top Tier Character Ranking

The Tier List of Echocalypse, ranking the best characters.

We’ve created a tier list where we rank the best Echocalypse characters according to their rankings. Echocalypse is a newly released mobile role-playing game in Europe. By combining data from the Japanese server and our own experiences, we’ve attempted to provide you with the most optimal tier list. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have anything you’d like to add to the list!

Note: If you’re choosing characters in the game based on our tier list, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. As of December 15, 2023, this global tier list is the most optimal one we’ve prepared. Unlike other lists on the web, which are randomly organized without any information just to attract visitors, our list is carefully curated. So, bookmark(CTRL+D) our page to keep up with the evolving meta with each update, and always rely on our lists.

Echocalypse Global Tier List

How we ranked the characters in our Tier List

The main focus of this guide is to give you a rundown of my squad and jump right into a tier list. Whether you’re playing completely free-to-play or not, this guide will cover what you should aim for in your squad. I’ve gathered knowledge from my own experience in the SEA,CN and Global versions, combined with insights from other players who’ve put together a solid tier list. Shoutout to them and their awesome work!

Alright, here we are, delving into the tier list itself. Quick note – this list includes characters from CN, but we’ll focus only on the ones available in the global version. I’ll be using it for descriptions, but I’ll also throw in my own testing and insights.

Starting off in the D tier. Baphomet, a physical damage dealer with mummification, finds a place here, but her CC move isn’t the greatest. Regina, a support rage reducer, sits in C tier, outshone by similar-skilled characters. Shiyu, an AOE burning and revive damage character, finds her spot here. Garula, a tank with taunt and healing steal, is good for beginners but gets replaced quickly. Buffit, a shielder with damage reflect, falls into the niche category. Yulia, a decent tank with a good taunt but a bit one-dimensional.

Moving on to C tier, we have the MC, a free SSR character with good AOE damage and crowd control. Tet, dealing extra damage against enemies with debuffs, makes it to B tier. Beam, a physical DPS with true damage, sits here but is easily replaceable. Winu, a free unit with burn abilities, is a solid choice for starters.

Now, let’s talk about Shiyu, a Revival character, burn damage, and a unique playstyle. I’m placing her in C tier because, after some testing, she turned out to be better than initially thought.

In B tier, we have Raeon, a physical and AOE DPS unit that pairs well with burn-focused characters. Stara, a magical DPS support, deals true damage and buffs allies. And finally, Zawa, a character with steal buffs and blind, making her great for boss fights.

Now, the B tier. We have Niz, a control unit with freezing abilities. Fenriru, a burst physical DPS unit, is fantastic for both free-to-play and pay-to-win players.

Reaching the S tier, starting with Nephthys, an excellent healer and support unit. Vivi, the best shielder in the game, provides shields and damage reduction. Audrey, the top-tier healing and rage support unit, is a must-have. And finally, Kiki, an incredible single-target DPS unit, making her one of the best.

Bonus: How to get free S Tier character

Actually, most mobile gamers are aware of this tactic, and it’s called Reroll. In short, when you first enter the Echocalypse game, you’ll receive a randomly assigned character, which could be either good or bad. If you get an undesirable character, you can use the Reroll tactic until you obtain an S Tier character from our list.

  1. Begin the game and opt for the “Sign up as guest” option in the account settings.
  2. Choose your preferred playing region from the server list.
  3. Skip through animations and cut scenes, then select your desired gender.
  4. Pick a name and proceed with the game as usual, skipping cut scenes.
  5. Play the game until your character reaches level 24 and performs the first draw.
  6. If you obtain the desired characters, fantastic! Bind your account and commence your adventure. If not, repeat the entire process until you secure the characters you’re aiming for.
If you still don’t understand how to reroll and get a high tier character, watch this video.

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