GreedFall – Crafting Guide & Craft List

Crafting items in GreedFall can be used to produce plenty of different items. The crafting system can also be used to upgrade your weapons and armour as long as they have vacant slots.

You can also recycle unwanted armour items for materials. To do this, you need to find a crafting table.

Crafting tables are sometimes found around GreedFall‘s world, but the easiest place to find them is at a camp or at your home in each city. Helpfully, when you fast travel, you’ll be sent to your temporary camp where you will also have a crafting table. If you haven’t camped, look around the map for a “?” icon and hover over it to see if it says it’s a camp. If it does, go to the camp and activate it, and a table will appear. You can now craft at the table.

The catch is that certain items can only be crafted if you have certain stats, e.g. you’ll need science in order to be able to craft certain potions. You’ll also need ingredients which you can gather around GreedFall‘s world, but most merchants (including the one at your temporary camp) will sell many of these ingredients so you don’t always need to go searching.

How to Craft Items in GreedFall

Crafting items, potions, and ammo in GreedFall require the Science Talent. There are three tiers of consumables, and each talent level in Science that you purchase gives you access to a new tier of potions.

There is another advantage of the Science talent, as it will also allow you to use explosives to break through weak parts of walls, which can be very advantageous in some areas and missions.

For people who wish to use Firearms, Science is a vital talent so you can create your ammo. But you need to get to Science level two to do this. At science level one, you can make health potions, which are essential no matter what variety of character you are playing.

To craft consumables, you need to find a Workbench. You can find these in towns, and you always have one at any camp you set up or your residences in the various cities. Just head for the workbench and interact with it, then navigate to the consumables tab. Scroll down to the item you wish to craft and make sure you have the required science level and ingredients. If you do, you can craft the particular item.

To ensure you always have plenty of resources for crafting, be sure to interact with any glowing items that you see in the world. You can find resources in trees, crates, various bushes, chests, and on the corpses of monsters and creatures that you kill.


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