Children of Morta – Souvenirs List

Souvenirs List

No1: 1-1
No2: Quest, need save caravan in cave. Usually 1-1, but can be found in 1-2/1-3
No3: 1-1 Room with the looted camp
No4: From quest with two water pump, 3-2

No5: 1-2
No6: Quest wich professor and his wife, 3-1

No7: Quest with two arguing people, 1-3
No8: Quest to fix the wagon, 1-1
No9: At the end of a series of quests with an astronomer and his son, 2-1/2-2
No10: Mission where it is necessary to protect the child while he goes to his mother, usually 1-1

No11 and No12: Both masks can be found inside 2-2

No13: 2-1
No14: 3-1

No15: 3-1

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