Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Custom Servers Find and Host

Custom Servers Find and Host

How to Find Custom Servers with Players

To find a custom server for either Customs, Co-op or Firefight:

1. Open http://thebeerkeg.net/beta

2. Find a server that you like and click ‘Join Game’

That’s it! Your game will automatically connect to the server, you don’t even have to start The MCC beforehand.

How to Host a Custom Server and get Players Fast

How to host custom game lobbies for either Matchmaking, Co-op, Firefight or Custom games:

1. Go to your STEAM profile page.
2. Click ‘edit profile’.
3. Click ‘my privacy settings’.
4. Set your profile or your game details to ‘public’.
5. Start The MCC and wait for it to load.
5.1. Check if your Game session details are still set to ‘Friends Only’ default setting.
6. Open http://thebeerkeg.net/beta
7. Click ‘Add Game’ in the top right corner.

8. Fill in the Form and click ‘submit’


9. Click on the share button on the top right corner of your server listing.

10. Share the invite link with people to make them instantly join your lobby!

Happy hosting!

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