Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Experience Points How to Quickly Gain?

Experience Points How to Quickly Gain?

Catching Magical Objects

This is the fastest and most frequent source of experience points. In addition of gaining EXP points for catching a magic object, you can also get bonuses that are awarded for skillful casting of spells.

The basic amount of XP is dependent on the level of risk:

  • low: 50 XP;
  • medium: 75 XP;
  • high: 150 XP
  • extreme: 250 XP;
  • urgent: 500 XP.


You can earn between 300 and 1000 experience points for performing the achievements available in the game.

Daily Treasures and Rewards

You can earn a lot of experience points for gathering daily rewards. Remember that you have to do these tasks every day in order to constantly win rewards.

As for the daily treasures, you must remember to start the game every day so that you don’t lose a single prize.

Combat and Battles

You can fight in the fortresses. They last several rounds, but take up to 5 minutes. You get rewards for both winning and losing battles. You can get raw materials, spell books and experience points for completing them.

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