Helldivers 2: How to Do Ping and Mark

Details about how to mark or ping targets or locations when using the mini map.

When you play Helldivers 2 with friends or online, using a minimap can reduce complexity in completing missions and communicating. In this guide, we explained how to mark or ping targets or locations when using the mini map.

How to Ping and Mark Map Locations

In Helldivers 2, completing missions efficiently often hinges on coordinating objectives, especially in cooperative or online play where communication can be limited. With friendly fire adding an extra layer of complexity, effective use of the minimap becomes crucial. This guide demonstrates how to mark locations on the minimap to streamline teamwork, particularly useful when voice chat isn’t an option.

Pinging Enemies and Objectives on the Minimap

To direct attention to specific enemies or objectives, utilizing the minimap is key. Here’s how to do it on both PC and PS5 platforms:

PC Controls:

  • Pinging: Simply press the Q key while facing the target to send out a brief ping, visible for about 6 seconds. This alerts teammates to the highlighted area.
  • Voicelines Trick: Holding down Q brings up command options, including “Follow Me,” which your character vocalizes, further emphasizing your intent.
  • Marking Locations: Press to open the minimap, then hold down the button while moving the mouse to explore. Click the button to place a marker, which remains until replaced.

PS5 Controls

  • Pinging: Press + to ping a location, instantly drawing attention to it for your team.
  • Marking Locations: Open the minimap via the , navigate with the joystick, and press button to mark the desired spot.

By mastering these commands, you enhance communication in Quickplay sessions, even without voice chat. While cooperation from party members is essential, these tools provide quick visual cues for strategic coordination. Whether with strangers or friends, efficient use of the minimap can turn chaotic missions into smoothly executed endeavors.

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