Skull and Bones: Acacia Location and Harvest

Details about how to get and harvest acacia in Skull and Bones.

If you started Skull and Bones, you need to obtain Acacia, which is an important resource. In this guide you can find the location of Acacia and tips on how to harvest it.

How to Get and Harvest Acacia

As you sail the vast seas, raid settlements, and engage in naval battles, you’ll gather resources to elevate your status as the most notorious pirate captain. In Skull and Bones, resource management is crucial for your character and ship’s progression, from basic materials to exquisite fabrics for your pirate attire. Acacia, a common resource, is integral to your journey, and mastering its acquisition is paramount.

Acacia Location

In Skull and Bones, understanding the game’s map is key to resource tracking. Acacia is represented by a distinctive tree symbol adorned with green foliage. Hover over these icons on the map to unveil their location. While exploring Sainte-Anne, Acacia won’t be found directly, but it’s easily accessible nearby. To pinpoint its whereabouts, hover over the tree symbol and mark it using the designated button as indicated in the map legend.

Harvest Acacia

Harvesting Acacia is a straightforward process. Approach the tree and engage in a mini-game to extract the resource. As you near the Acacia tree, the game prompts you to initiate harvesting by pressing the designated button, such as Triangle on PS5. Timing is crucial during the mini-game to maximize your yield and avoid failure.

During the harvesting mini-game, a saw icon with yellow and green segments appears, indicating the saw’s motion. Press the designated button at the right moment with each stroke. Success is achieved by hitting the button within the yellow zone, while additional resources are obtained by consistently hitting the button within the green zone. Missing the zones three times leads to failure.

Mastering the art of Acacia harvesting is essential for your pirate endeavors in Skull and Bones. So, set sail, locate those trees, and plunder to your heart’s content!

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