HELLDIVERS 2: Super Credits Farm

Methods you need to farm super credits in Helldivers 2.

In this guide, we have explained the methods you need to farm super credits in Helldivers 2 for quests involving POIs and your loot.

Actual Exploit

Solo, 1st difficulty, automatons defend missions.

Better to take light armor and stamina upgrade, if you have. Also, Slugger shotgun allows you blow up container doors faster.

Spawn to any location aside from base, and go in circle around it, checking POI. It will be showed at your compass as “?”.

You are interested only in containers, thats need to be blown up to open, and those drones with beaming light from it. There you can find SC, medals and requisitions.

And now it designed that way, that as soon as you pick up all of this-its already at your account, no need to extract or complete mission objectives.

At first difficulty defend missions maps are small, you make a full circle in 2-5 minutes max, and then just leave to your ship(Press ESC and there is option for that).

Warband medals are actually also easy to farm this way.

1 hour of circling, 320 SC, 96 Warbands, and this is actually not best run in terms of SC collected at all

Super Credits FarmSuper Credits Farm


It goes even further. Discovered it by accident, when my WiFi gone off, while i was farming.

It appears, that after you lost connection and get backed to your ship because of it-mission, with all POIs locations after you reconect-gonna be same.

And more to that-all loot inside of POIs will be same.

So, you just need to find a container, that have what you need(2 medals, granting 5 warbonds or 2 SC)-loot it and shut off your internet connection. Then, after you get to your ship because of losing connection-switch your internet back on, and just jump in that exact location on the map, where you found POI with loot that you want. It will be there.

Results of 1 hour “disconnect” farming POI with 2 SC spawns-360 SC(18 jumps, 20 SC each, you can actualy count how much it could be in medals, if POI had 2+2 medals spawn=72 warbands). The reason for such dissapointing results-game is taking ridiculous time to understand that you dont have internet(almost a minute for me) and even more time-that connection is on(3-4 minutes each time). So in summary-each jump you just waste 4 minutes, that actually enough to fully finish 1 circle run.

Super Credits FarmSuper Credits Farm

BUT-this method actually can be used when you find mission with many tasty POIs, so you can just repeat that exact mission and every time get same loot from POIs. Needs testing, but its enough for me for today)

Written by C1n1C

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