Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

Hello from our Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide. You’ve had a glimpse of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, albeit somewhat brief! With an abundance of islands to explore, friends to meet, and activities to partake in, where do you begin? Not to worry, our guide is here to provide you with all the essential details to set you on the right path!

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide. If you’re uncertain about where to start or seeking some helpful pointers to make the most of the early stages of the game, our guide will be your perfect companion!

Immediately Commence Collecting Resources

Every resource holds immense value! Each area yields a fixed amount of resources daily. However, Flower Bouquets earned from Daily Check-Ins are rare and vital to respawning resources on the island, especially during the initial stages.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

In the Seaside Resort area of the island, certain resources like Rubber, Sticks, and Sand Dollars play a crucial role in advancing swiftly through the early game. Make sure to thoroughly explore every corner to gather as much of these resources as possible.

Be on the Lookout for Strawberry Crates

An urgent task My Melody asks for your help with is locating the Strawberry Crates that fell around the island during your airplane crash. While you only need a few to assist My Melody in opening her shop and fixing the first Visitor Cabin, you’ll require many more to restore the island to its peak condition.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

Strawberry Crates can be found all over the island, including the ocean. Be diligent in collecting as many as you can while exploring, as you’ll need them to repair Visitor Cabins in other areas.

Deliver All of My Melody’s Welcome Gifts

Begin your Hello Kitty Island Adventure with a delightful task – My Melody will request your assistance in distributing Welcome Gifts to her fellow Sanrio friends (excluding Retsuko).

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

This act is vital for kick starting your journey on the island. Giving a Character one of My Melody’s Welcome Gifts will instantly make them your New Friend. Since the story progression heavily relies on increasing your Friendship level with Characters, it’s essential to get a head start as soon as possible.

Acquire Swimming Skills from Keroppi

Until you acquire the Flippers from Keroppi, swimming or even entering any water surrounding the island will be impossible. Considering your new residence is on an island, surrounded by water, the ability to swim is undeniably crucial.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

After presenting Chococat with his Welcome Gift, speak to him to initiate the “Power Up the Gate” quest. This will unlock access to the Seaside Resort, which in turn grants entry to the Spooky Swamp – the dwelling of both Keroppi and Kuromi. Have a conversation with Keroppi in the Spooky Swamp to learn the art of crafting a pair of Flippers, thus granting you the power to swim through water.

Engage in a Conversation with Pochacco Regarding Gudetama

No island adventure is complete without some sightseeing! Once you’ve given Pochacco My Melody’s Welcome Gift, he might have a great suggestion to kickstart your exploration.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

Just like Pochacco, you may have already noticed the adorable stationary Gudetama figures scattered all over the island. While you can’t interact with these cute little figures directly, you can capture them in photographs! Engage in a conversation with Pochacco regarding the Gudetama, and he will grant you access to the Camera tool. With the Camera, you can take selfies featuring the hidden Gudetama you discover throughout the island or use it to capture special moments with your Sanrio friends, preserving memories of your exciting journey!

Forge a Strong Bond with Kuromi, Making her your Best Friend

With her cute and spooky charm, who wouldn’t aspire to be Kuromi’s best friend? In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, forming a strong bond with Kuromi is not just delightful but also crucial for your progress. By attaining higher levels of Friendship with Kuromi, you unlock a plethora of new quests that are essential for advancing further in the game. For instance, completing the Deep Diving quest for Kuromi grants you the ability to dive, a valuable skill in the game.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

To expedite your friendship with Kuromi, consider obtaining the Jack-O-Lantern Crafting Plans early on. This grants you an easy two-star gift, allowing you to offer her plenty of pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. This approach will swiftly elevate your friendship level and bring you closer to unraveling the wonders of the game.

Unlock Fast Travel as Soon as Possible

Venturing through the vast expanse of the island is undoubtedly an exciting part of the adventure, but incessant back-and-forth journeys can be tiresome. To make your island travels a breeze, prioritize unlocking the Fast Travel Mailboxes as soon as possible.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Walkthrough Guide

To initiate the Fast Travel feature, locate Kuromi in the Spooky Swamp. Accessing this area is only possible after completing the “Power Up the Gate” quest with Chococat. Once you find Kuromi, engage in the “Delivery Service” quest, during which Cinnamoroll will impart the knowledge of activating any Fast Travel Mailbox you come across. With this newfound ability, navigating the island swiftly and conveniently becomes a reality!

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