Hero’s Adventure Road to Passion: Endings, Characters & Items

Explore characters, essential items, and potential endings in Hero's Adventure Road to Passion through our comprehensive guide.

You can check out our guide for the characters, items you will need and possible endings in Hero’s Adventure Road to Passion.

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Endings, Characters and Items in Hero’s Adventure Road to Passion

This Guide contains all the Characters, Items & Endings. It currently does not include Scenes.




The endings are in order. Bold endings are considered true endings.

  • Chicken Hero: Defeated by Si Chen
  • Unfavourable Start: Get beaten up by enemies (ones that do not kill you)
  • Starving and Desperate: Be at 0 Stamina for a longer time
  • Death by Poison
  • Brought to Justice: Be persecuted and exiled (low relation with Cities ~-50)
  • Surgical Execution: Get executed (low relation with Cities ~-80)
  • Rural Scenery: Obtain Ox Ring and talk with Nameless Village Elder
  • Guardian of Chuxiang City: Defend Chuxiang City in the Siege
  • Chuxiang City is broken: Chuxiang City is lost in the Siege
  • Abandoned in the Wilderness: Defeat in combat
  • A new journey: Defeat the reinforcements at the start of the game
  • Jianghu Conqueror
  • Jianghu Master
  • Hidden threats are hard to guard against: Lose to the Bandit in Lost Forest
  • Peak of Jianghu
  • Enlightened Monk: Reach Buddhism Value of 500 while being a Monk
  • Imperial Noble: Complete Duke Kangs Storyline
  • Foreign Duke: Complete Yan Yun Storyline and have 100 Relation with general
  • Chaos in the World: Destroy ALL factions
  • Loyalty: Take over Ye Army
  • Sins lasting for Eternity: Complete Duke Kangs Storyline and lose to Fu Yaozi
  • Sage of Confucianism: Read all 10 Books in Confucius Temple
  • Nine Factions Sect Master: Complete Old Man Storyline
  • Richest in the World: 1000 Guan
  • Beauties like Clouds: 15 wives
  • Stargazing and Enlightenment: Complete Zhang Latas quest & meditate near the Stargazing Platform 5 times
  • Royal son in law: Marry Fu Qing
  • Wandering in the Martial World: Defeat Duke Chai
  • Dominating the world: Defeat Duke Chai and be married to Fu Qing, possess Imperial Seal & have obtained Loyalty ending this run.

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