The Talos Principle 2 All Terminals and Characters

Discover the names and details of terminals, along with character personalities, in The Talos Principle 2 through our comprehensive guide.

You can find the names and details of the terminals in The Talos Principle 2, as well as the personality details of the characters, in our guide.

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All Terminals and Characters in The Talos Principle 2

Names and content lists of all the NOEMA Terminals (over 40 of them!). Also some personality details on the (known) citizens of New Jerusalem.

Terminal Names and Contents Part 1

They come from William Blake’s mythology — simply look up a figure to find out more about them. William Blake plays a prominent role yet again!

The exceptions are MUSEUM LOBBY, for rather obvious reasons; NOEMA, which is short for “Noematics”, as in “the Institute for Applied Noematics (IAN)”; and E2-05 (these terminals, which hold only the Lifthrasir (13) recordings, are kinda nameless).


Note: A “!!” means that this file will cause a datastream overload.

New Jerusalem (museum — can only be visited when Cornelius is gone)

  • Notes
  • <schematic>

Hub/Base Camp/Megastructure
HAR-1. Location: lab.

  • TalosPrinciple 2a
  • NoemaProject1
  • <Schematic_5358>

East 1
VALA-1. Location: lab.

  • 4.2_kiloyear_event
  • First_Companions
  • NoemaProject2

VALA_EXT-1. Location: Opposite Puzzle #5.

  • Trevor
  • <Trevor recording #1>

VALA_EXT-2. Location: Between Puzzle #3 and Puzzle #4.

  • Founding_1
  • Baby_Steps
  • Dead_City

VALA_EXT-3. Location: To the right (facing the superstructure) of the bridge ring.

  • L1C_Lifthrasir
  • <Lifthrasir recording #1>

East 2
LOS-1. Location: lab (ground floor — required to progress).

  • Straton_Ideas
  • NoemaProject3
  • !! <Schematic_108>

LOS-2. Location: lab (upper balcony).

  • untitled_draft
  • New_Alexandria
  • Ethics_of_Extinction

LOS_EXT-1. Location: Between Puzzle #2 and the Bridge Ring, on the cliffside.

  • World_Spirit
  • Founding_2
  • <Trevor recording #2>

LOS_EXT-2. Location: Just outside of Puzzle #8

  • The_New_Theology_1
  • L1C_Niamh
  • Leviathan

(E2-05). Location: Up a hill from Puzzle #4, inside a circular ring.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #2>

East 3
GRODNA-1. Location: lab.

  • TheEnd_Draft
  • Charon
  • NoemaProject4

GRODNA_EXT-1. Location: In the arms of the giant anthropomorphic statue.

  • Success
  • <Trevor recording #3>

GRODNA_EXT-2. Location: Opposite the entrance to Puzzle #3.

  • Founding_3
  • MessageFragment_5358
  • ecosystem_engineers

(E2-05). Location: On a little lakeside, toward the far southeast corner of the map.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #3>

North 1
THIRIEL-1. Location: lab (center).

  • From_Quentin
  • From_Rhodamne
  • NoemaProject5
  • <lux_v5>

THIRIEL-2. Location: lab (far end).

  • From_Belzerzan
  • The_Shutdown {includes an image}
  • Cliche

THIRIEL_EXT-1. Location: Between Puzzles #7 and #8, on the seashore.

  • Chernyshevsky011
  • Founding_4
  • <Trevor recording #4>

TERMINAL. Location: Between the Prometheus star statue and Puzzle #6.

  • On_Cornelius
  • Blake
  • Prime_Mover
  • Modernity

(E2-05). Location: Out on the end of one of the ridges, Between Puzzles #4/#5 and the first Lost Puzzle (“Passing Through”).

  • <Lifthrasir recording #4>

North 2
THARMAS-1. Location: lab (next to the teleportation experiment — required to progress).

  • From_Thecla
  • NoemaProject6
  • Next
  • !! <NoemaDesign_5358c>

THARMAS-2. Location: lab (next to the somnodrome).

  • Somnodrome_Prototype

THARMAS_EXT-1. Location: Same island as Puzzle #3, on a shore, surrounded by some structure.

  • And_Yet_It_Moves
  • puzzled
  • From_Aurora

THARMAS_EXT-2. Location: Near puzzle #8.

  • Consume
  • Founding_5
  • <Trevor recording #5>

(E2-05). Location: On one of the shores, same island as where Puzzle #4 is.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #5>

North 3
ENITHARMON_EXT-1. Location: Opposite Puzzle #6, underneath some circle-arches.

  • Poisonous_Humility
  • Excursion
  • Founding_6
  • <Trevor recording #6>

ENITHARMON_EXT-2. Location: Between Puzzles #1 and #2.

  • From_Yarnith
  • Human_Construction
  • black_snow {includes an image}

(E2-05). Location: On some flooded island (west side)

  • <Lifthrasir recording #6>

Terminal Names and Contents Part 2

South 1
UTHA-1. Location: lab (ground floor — required to progress).

  • From_Thuya
  • TalosPrinciple2b
  • NoemaProject8
  • !! <Power_Distribution>

UTHA-2. Location: lab (upper balcony).

  • From_Thecla_2
  • From_Trabuchet
  • Paying_the_Price

UTHA_EXT-1. Location: Between Puzzles #4 and #5, on a ledge.

  • santinchalkidikidenexei
  • ProblemSolving
  • Founding7
  • <RechargeV5>

UTHA_EXT-2. Location: Between Puzzle #7 and the Golden Gates, along the boardwalk.

  • Chernyshevsky009
  • Upgrade
  • <Trevor recording #7>

(E2-05). Location: After Puzzle #2, high up.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #7>

South 2
ERROR. Location: lab (central area — required to progress).

  • error_16
  • error_23
  • error_42
  • error_108

FUZON-2. Location: lab (inside the dangerous area — deactivate the power first).

  • From_Thecla_3
  • NoemaProject9
  • L1C_Byron

FUZON_EXT-1. Location: Behind and to the west of Puzzle #1, near the border cliffs.

  • South
  • Irrationality
  • <Trevor recording #8>

FUZON_EXT-2. Location: Just outside of Puzzle #6.

  • how_it_was_before
  • return_to_monke
  • Founding_8

(E2-05). Location: Behind Puzzle #5, on the far side of what looks like a secluded lake.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #8>

South 3
ULRO-1. Location: lab.

  • error_2629 {includes an image}
  • faith
  • NoemaProject10
  • !! <Noema_Network_Schematic>

ULRO_EXT-1. Location: Between Puzzles #1 and #2, on top of a dune in the desert.

  • the_riches
  • From_Trinculo
  • Founding_9
  • <5358>

ULRO_EXT-2. Location: Just outside of Puzzle #5, near the center of the oasis.

  • Extinction
  • <Trevor recording #9>

(E2-05). Location: Just outside of Puzzle #8, near the center of the oasis.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #9>

West 1
RINTRAH-1. Location: lab (upper level, center, where the experiment is).

  • From_Guta
  • Chernyshevsky021
  • NoemaProject11

RINTRAH-2. Location: lab (lower level).

  • From_Thecla_4
  • Athena_History

RINTRAH-3. Location: lab (upper level, non-center).

  • From_Byron
  • Message_to_Drennan
  • Straton_on_Socrates

RINTRAH_EXT-1. Location: Off the pathway to the first Lost Puzzle (“Jailbreak”), underneath some circle-arches.

  • Against_Decay
  • Founding_11
  • <Trevor recording #10>

RINTRAH_EXT-2. Location: Near the Prometheus star statue and monorail, on top of a hill.

  • From_Aurinia
  • Atlas_1
  • Wilde_fragment

(E2-05). Location: Between Puzzles #7 and #8.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #10>

West 2
BELUAH-1. Location: lab (area past the somnodrome).

  • NoemaProject12
  • From_Benaroya
  • Atlas_2

BELUAH-2. Location: lab (next to the somnodrome).

  • Somnodrome_Final

BELUAH_EXT-1. Location: High up, on a trail near-ish to the Golden Gates.

  • The_New_Theology_2
  • Founding_12
  • <Trevor recording #11>

BELUAH_EXT-2. Location: Between Puzzles #2 and #3.

  • anthropos
  • The_Folly_of_Time
  • From_Mitku

(E2-05). Location: Up some stairs, which are located between Puzzle #8 and the Bridge Ring.

  • <Lifthrasir recording #11>

West 3
AHANIA-1. Location: lab.

  • From_Cornelius
  • NoemaProject13

AHANIA_EXT-1. Location: Past Puzzle #4, high up, kinda underneath some giant stone hands.

  • Jurassic_Justice
  • Expansion
  • Atlas_3

AHANIA_EXT-2. Location: Near Puzzle #3, up against one of the towering structure bases.

  • Trevor_End
  • From_Triclinius
  • Sarabhai
  • <Trevor recording #12>

(E2-05). Location: Just outside Puzzle #8

  • <Lifthrasir recording #12>

NOTE: opportunities to visit these terminals are more limited than anywhere else in the game, so simply explore thoroughly!

NOEMA-01. Location: East-side Megastructure (visit this one on the return trip, as Melville is using it otherwise).

  • Rust
  • <something Melville used and is therefore inaccessible and invisible to you>

NOEMA-2. Location: East-side Megastructure.

  • Chernyshevsky005

NOEMA-3. Location: East-side Megastructure.

  • Question

???. Location: East-side Megastructure, central area.

  • <Schematic>

NOEMA-4. Location: North-side Megastructure.

  • NoemaProject7
  • !! <door override schematic>

NOEMA-5. Location: South-side Megastructure.

  • Founding_10
  • Clockwork
  • Athena_Author
  • From_Eustathius

All Texts and Scripts, Categorized

Cornelius’s Notes

  • Notes (MUSEUM LOBBY)


  • Somnodrome_Prototype (THARMAS-2)
  • Somnodrome_Final (BELUAH-2)


  • Trevor (VALA_EXT-1)
  • Trevor_End (AHANIA_EXT-2)

Lives of the First Companions

  • First_Companions (VALA-1)
  • L1C_Lifthrasir (VALA_EXT-3)
  • L1C_Niamh (LOS_EXT-2)
  • L1C_Byron (FUZON-2)

Noema Project Trials

  • NoemaProject1 (HAR-1)
  • NoemaProject2 (VALA-1)
  • NoemaProject3 (LOS-1)
  • NoemaProject4 (GRODNA-1)
  • NoemaProject5 (THIRIEL-1)
  • NoemaProject6 (THARMAS-1)
  • NoemaProject7 (NOEMA-4)
  • NoemaProject8 (UTHA-1)
  • NoemaProject9 (FUZON-2)
  • NoemaProject10 (ULRO-1)
  • NoemaProject11 (RINTRAH-1)
  • NoemaProject12 (BELUAH-1)
  • NoemaProject13 (AHANIA-1)

Hypatia’s Journal on the Founding of New Jerusalem

  • Founding_1 (VALA_EXT-2)
  • Founding_2 (LOS_EXT-1)
  • Founding_3 (GRODNA_EXT-2)
  • Founding_4 (THIRIEL_EXT-1)
  • Founding_5 (THARMAS_EXT-2)
  • Founding_6 (ENITHARMON_EXT-1)
  • Founding_7 (UTHA_EXT-1)
  • Founding_8 (FUZON_EXT-2)
  • Founding_9 (ULRO_EXT-1)
  • Founding_10 (NOEMA-5)
  • Founding_11 (RINTRAH_EXT-1)
  • Founding_12 (BELUAH_EXT-1)

Letters to Athena

  • From_Aurinia (RINTRAH_EXT-2)
  • From_Aurora (THARMAS_EXT-1)
  • From_Belzerzan (THIRIEL-2)
  • From_Benaroya (BELUAH-1)
  • From_Byron (RINTRAH-3)
  • From_Cornelius (AHANIA-1)
  • From_Eustathius (NOEMA-5)
  • From_Guta (RINTRAH-1)
  • From_Mitku (BELUAH_EXT-2)
  • From_Quentin (THIRIEL-1)
  • From_Rhodamne (THIRIEL-1)
  • From_Trabuchet (UTHA-2)
  • From_Thecla (THARMAS-1)
  • From_Thecla_2 (UTHA-2)
  • From_Thecla_3 (FUZON-2)
  • From_Thecla_4 (RINTRAH-2)
  • From_Thuya (UTHA-1)
  • From_Triclinius (AHANIA_EXT-2)
  • From_Trinculo (ULRO_EXT-1)
  • From_Yarnith (ENITHARMON_EXT-2)


  • Chernyshevsky005 (NOEMA-2)
  • Chernyshevsky009 (UTHA_EXT-2)
  • Chernyshevsky011 (THIRIEL_EXT-1)
  • Chernyshevsky021 (RINTRAH-1)

“Selected Archives”

  • Against_Decay (RINTRAH_EXT-1)
  • black_snow {includes an image} (ENITHARMON_EXT-2)
  • Extinction (ULRO_EXT-2)
  • the_riches (ULRO_EXT-1)

Saint Eadwald

  • untitled_draft (LOS-2)


  • Atlas_1 (RINTRAH_EXT-2)
  • Atlas_2 (BELUAH-1)
  • Atlas_3 (AHANIA_EXT-1)


  • Straton_Ideas (LOS-1)
  • Straton_on_Socrates (RINTRAH-3)
  • TalosPrinciple2a (HAR-1)
  • TalosPrinciple2b (UTHA-1)

G. K. Chesterton

  • Poisonous_Humility (ENITHARMON_EXT-1)
  • Human_Construction (ENITHARMON_EXT-2)
  • Clockwork (NOEMA-5)
  • Expansion (AHANIA_EXT-1)

George Bernard Shaw

  • The_New_Theology_1 (LOS_EXT-2)
  • The_New_Theology_2 (BELUAH_EXT-1)


  • Success (GRODNA_EXT-1)
  • MessageFragment_5358 (GRODNA_EXT-2)
  • Question (NOEMA-3)
  • Cliche (THIRIEL-2)
  • Next (THARMAS-1)
  • Excursion (ENITHARMON_EXT-1)
  • Upgrade (UTHA_EXT-2)
  • South (FUZON_EXT-1)

From citizens of New Jerusalem
Note: Some of these contain comments from Athena, Cornelius, and Miranda.

  • Dead_City (VALA_EXT-2)
  • New_Alexandria (LOS-2)
  • On_Cornelius (THIRIEL_EXT-2)
  • Prime_Mover (THIRIEL_EXT-2)
  • And_Yet_It_Moves (THARMAS_EXT-1)
  • puzzled (THARMAS_EXT-1)
  • return_to_monke (FUZON_EXT-2)
  • The_Folly_of_Time (BELUAH_EXT-2)
  • Sarabhai (AHANIA_EXT-2)
  • Modernity. (TERMINAL)

Miscellaneous texts from biological humans
Note: Some of these contain comments from Athena, Cornelius, and Miranda.

  • 4.2_kiloyear_event (VALA-1)
  • Baby_Steps (VALA_EXT-2)
  • World_Spirit (LOS_EXT-1)
  • Leviathan (LOS_EXT-2)
  • Ethics_of_Extinction (LOS-2)
  • TheEnd_Draft (GRODNA-1)
  • Charon (GRODNA-1)
  • ecosystem_engineers (GRODNA_EXT-2)
  • The_Shutdown {includes an image} (THIRIEL-2)
  • Blake (THIRIEL_EXT-2)
  • Consume (THARMAS_EXT-2)
  • Paying_the_Price (UTHA-2)
  • santinchalkidikidenexei (UTHA_EXT-1)
  • ProblemSolving (UTHA_EXT-1)
  • Irrationality (FUZON_EXT-1)
  • how_it_was_before (FUZON_EXT-2)
  • faith (ULRO-1)
  • Athena_History (RINTRAH-2)
  • Message_to_Drennan (RINTRAH-3)
  • Wilde_fragment (RINTRAH_EXT-2)
  • anthropos (BELUAH_EXT-2)
  • Jurassic_Justice (AHANIA_EXT-1)
  • Rust (NOEMA-01)
  • Athena_Author (NOEMA-5)

Schematics and Scripts
Note: “!!” means a datastream overload will happen.

  • <schematic> (MUSEUM LOBBY)
  • <Schematic_5358> (HAR-1)
  • !! <Schematic_108> (LOS-1)
  • <Something Melville used and is therefore inaccessible and invisible to you> (NOEMA-01)
  • !! <Schematic> (???)
  • <lux_v5> (THIRIEL-1)
  • !! <NoemaDesign_5358c> (THARMAS-1)
  • !! <Power_Distribution> (UTHA-1)
  • <RechargeV5> (UTHA_EXT-1)
  • !! <Noema_Network_Schematic> (ULRO-1)
  • <5358> (ULRO_EXT-1)
  • !! <door override schematic> (NOEMA-4)


  • error_16 (ERROR)
  • error_23 (ERROR)
  • error_42 (ERROR)
  • error_108 (ERROR)
  • error_2629 {includes an image} (ULRO-1)

Character Personality Notes (1-400)

Citizens of New Jerusalem (current or former)

If nothing is said about a character, there is either nothing known or nothing remarkable about said character.

  • 1: Athena
    The First post-biological human born and (brain)child of Alexandra Drennan (who would come to be called Progenitor), Athena is an incredibly brilliant mind — and, why, she had to be, in order to escape the simulation, and for humanity to propagate. Over the centuries, however, as more and more people were being born, she became more and more of a distant figure for many, for perhaps a variety of reasons (her unparalleled brilliance, the fact that she was #1, and so on). Her chassis, which she never upgraded or changed, looks as it did from the end of first game: no number is found on it. There is of course far more to her than what I say here, but that is best said by what’s in the game.
  • 2: Eustathius
    The first to be born after Athena, Eusthatius was annointed by Athena and is a brother to Cornelius. He has a similar intellectual brilliance to Cornelius (3), but different conclusions.
  • 3: Cornelius
    Father of Miranda and one of the two annointed First Companions (as his chassis also seems to suggest), we initially see him as “the dusty old curator” of the Museum of the Simulation; and upon being asked about The Founder (Athena), he deflects the question. Yet underneath that is a rich and grievous history. More about him in the game.
  • 4: Aurora
  • 5: Sun
  • 6: Sarabhai
    One of the first companions, as well as one of the first post-biological humans to die (in an accident).
  • 7: Byron
    Aptly named after Robert Byron (and not Lord Byron), he has a great thirst for exploration and adventure, as well as a bit of dismay for those who don’t, for whatever their reasons. Still, even if you disagree with him (as happens with e.g. Alcatraz), he can still be friendly with you. Highly progressive, it seems he is a popular choice for Mayor. More about this character can be found in the game.
  • 8: Melampus
    One of the First Companions, he invented the Somnodrome, a device to connect with one’s inner consciousness. Perhaps here we may as yet find solutions to the nature of human morality?
  • 9: Yemo
    Another one of the first companions, as well as another one of the first post-biological humans to die (in an accident).
  • 10: Hypatia
    Perhaps this First Companion was named after the ancient Greek mathematician of the same name. In any case, she chronicled New Jerusalem’s founding and early history, back when times were a lot rougher and a lot less tame (these are the sorts of times Byron (7) practically lusts after).
  • 11: Niamh
    A First Companion with an Irish name whose pronunciation is often guessed incorrectly — “Níamh” (as spelled properly) is pronounced “Neeve”, the “mh” sound being a “v” or “w” sound (and neither of those letters exist in Irish, so Irish Gaelic uses digraphs such as “bh” and “mh” instead). Not even the infamous language libraries have it right! As for her character, she likes art. She’s also a moderator for Social Media.
  • 12: Benaroya
    One of the First Companions, found walking the streets of New Jerusalem hand-in-hand with Blodgett (898).
  • 13: Lifthrasir
    The last of the 12 First Companions, he is a highly independent journeyman. His whereabouts are unknown, but he did leave behind some audio recordings.
  • 14: Arkady?
    NOTE: the name of this number is speculative and never explicitly confirmed in-game.
  • 20: Guo
  • 22: Stilton
    Always seen chatting with Dors (988).
  • 25: Atrahasis
  • 26: Sanchuniathon
  • 33: Neith
    For the longest time (i.e. before you came into being), she was New Jerusalem’s labor nurse, helping out at the birthing lab. She’s the first new human many met (some of the older ones, however, met others instead, such as Athena, who in turn had no one to meet).
  • 37: Radhia
  • 72: Euhemeros
    73: Mabon
    Euhemeros and Mabon are brothers. We see them on one of the benches, jabbering away like a couple of elderly old men on a park bench.
  • 83: Shmilev
    One of the Archive Scholars, as well as a moderator for Social Media.
  • 88: Chancey
    New Jerusalem’s gardener (or perhaps something more?…)
  • 99: Kaneda
    Possibly interested in psychology? Seems to be interested in art for sure.
  • 101: Helga
    She’s part seller, part robo-pharmacist, and part witch(-doctor)! You can buy stuff from her with… her credits. How will it all pan out? You decide! She ultimately means to enlighten, hence her number (“101” is associated with basics, learning, and information).
  • 112: Damjan
    Yes, this is a reference to the game’s music composer and sound designer, Damjan Mravunac. That’s why you see him strumming a guitar version of “The Dance of Eternity” (a song from the first game).
  • 121: Athanasios
  • 142: Melville
    Self-described as “New Jerusalem’s only decent engineer”, she helps your team out by… mostly hackwork. She’s also a little dour about things, but has a good heart (wait, do robots even have such hearts? Someone oughtta update those language libraries!). Actually, she’s incredibly fascinated by the science of the expedition you’re on, and believes it could lay the foundation for cool new societies. After all, if it can be supported, why stop at 1000 new humans? Melville is fairly progressive, as can be seen in the events of the game.
  • 150: Emesh
    They like to post poetry on Social Media.
  • 151: Garris
  • 166: Mitku
    We only know of them through their content on Social Media (archived or otherwise).
  • 202: Malduc
    A fairly conservative personality, Malduc essentially believes Pandora’s credo: that the more you know, the more dangerous you can become.
  • 211: Zagoran
    Really only seen via Social Media, Zagoran is your classic internet skeptic of sorts (and slightly annoying in his mannerism).
  • 216: Trabuchet
  • 225: Mathom
  • 258: Elwin
    One of the academics, they are seen roaming around the gallery of QR codes in the Museum.
  • 264: Alcatraz
    He is the first officer on your team, always with safety and caution on the mind. It affects his personality and beliefs as well: that everything should be approached with caution, no matter how pretty or benevolent it may appear. He also believes that biological humans wreaked too much havoc on the Earth, and that Nature took a sort of vengeance on humankind as a result. This further influences his thinking into anti-colonialism and anti-terraforming: an ecology, even a potential one, should never be disrupted.
  • 299: Dosikles
    Always forlorn, seeking love, will they ever find love?
  • 303: Rand
    Among his dark chassis and thick, pleasant Scottish accent, he is the lead archive scholar… and possible mayoral candidate! His primary focus is on human morality, and trying to decipher it.
  • 316: Lapidus
  • 333: Triclinius
  • 342: Aurinia
  • 350: Gallomo
  • 363: Julian
    Found in the gallery…
  • 366: Stolo
    A rather reclusive grump….
  • 367: Jefferson
    Found next to the statue of Alexandra Drennan, a.k.a. The Progenitor. She seems to like history.
  • 373: Radojka
  • 374: Strahinja

Character Personality Notes (401-1000 and others)

  • 402: Sibawayh
  • 420: Jacques
    It’s always aliens with this guy (no relation to the very meme-able number though).
  • 427: Lybistros
    No, this character is not Stanley (but do they think like Stanley?).
  • 430: Arronax
    One of the academics, they are seen roaming around the gallery of QR codes in the Museum. They are also a moderator for Social Media.
  • 444: Sirius
  • 452: Hermanubis
    Current mayor of New Jerusalem, he believes that the modest route is the safest one. He also believes in the Goal, set by the Founder, and that it was created as an ideal for a reason: that biological humans wreaked too much havoc on the Earth and that it ought to be restored thus to a nicer, former state. Also he has a neat chest plate.
  • 465: Thuya
  • 469: Zernov
  • 470: Kallimachos
  • 505: Furlan
  • 520: Empanada
  • 555: Sarthaz
  • 558: Josephus
    He is found near the central tower in New Jerusalem. Doesn’t say much of note.
  • 587: Lynerks
    One of New Jerusalem’s engineers, she is very technical-minded and seems to prefer certainty in anything she deals with (or at least clarity).
  • 611: Trinculo
  • 632: Wren
    She is New Jerusalem’s architect, found toward the navigable edge of New Jerusalem, pondering its dome.
  • 640: Yarnith
  • 642: Dana
  • 656: Cryer
    Cryer, true to his name, is New Jerusalem’s journalist. Like any journalist, he gathers facts and opinions to the extent he can, and writes about them publicly.
  • 666: Doge
    It’s a character named after the evil cryptocurrency (maybe?)! Actually, Doge is the one who can hook you up with… a certain selection of secretive folks. Beyond that, little is known about her.
  • 704: Padme
  • 707: Barzai
    Wrote a thing for the Gehenna Memorial Interactive Fiction Exhibit. Referenced in passing elsewhere.
  • 719: Domovoy
  • 727: Rhodamne
    They like to post art on Social Media.
  • 762: Kurabiye
  • 764: Yaqut
    He is your team’s navigator: the one who flies the VTOL, and the one who goes with you as others go on ahead. His mindset is a little more conservative (though not as conservative as Alcatraz), and he has a crush on Miranda. (Side note: his chassis is green, which may be a nod to that the voice actor who voiced him is Adam Green.)
  • 765: Shaobo
  • 766: Fred
  • 776: Franklin
  • 777: Randolph
  • 792: Belmarsh
    Always meditating, believing that it’s all some sort of narrative or illusion (much like Zen?).
  • 800: Pellegrino
    One of New Jerusalem’s less decent engineers.
  • 801: Moryana
  • 824: Letitia
  • 832: Jeremy
    He is the mayor’s chief aide and admin of Social Media. He may also be involved in some… shadier stuff.
  • 842: Axiothea
    They appear to be an academic, and can be found hanging out at the Museum of the Simulation.
  • 852: Quentin
  • 862: Thecla
    A bit of a blind believer in “The Founder” (much like today’s blind believers in, say, Jesus Christ), she will never believe that the so-called Founder was really just another person like herself. Essentially the same can be said for The Goal, which to Thecla is an ideal rather than a mere goal (as Athena intended).
  • 871: Calliope
  • 890: Atal
    An avid cat lover, Atal loves to protect animal life and eliminate its suffering. At times this can make him less amenable to certain other citizens of New Jerusalem.
  • 898: Blodgett
    Found walking hand-in-hand with Benaroya (12).
  • 901: Robin
  • 903: Damien
    An outspoken advocate for better and more reliable sources of power. He has a progressive mindset. Are you with him or not?
  • 909: Ovis
  • 910: Athelvok
    Best known on Social Media for their exposés of famous cities around the world: Athens, Paris, New York, etc.
  • 917: Budahas
    Asks quite a few questions, much like Sheep from the first game.
  • 923: Schuyler
    He’s a starstruck figure, wanting every “famous” person’s autograph. And yes, he did have something of a life before you came along.
  • 932: Spugna
  • 935: Vittra
  • 943: Belzerzan
  • 948: Mneme
  • 972: Guta
    Wrote a little thing for the Gehenna Memorial Interactive Fiction Exhibit.
  • 977: Venable
  • 980: Rat
    Wrote a thing for the Gehenna Memorial Interactive Fiction Exhibit. Otherwise a rather quiet being, even as you pass them by.
  • 984: Sebastian
  • 988: Dors
    Always seen chatting with Stilton (22).
  • 994: Zimiamvia
    A pink figure who gives you friendly greetings. Almost your age.
  • 998: Purple
    Named after the color of his chassis, he’s essentially your older brother! And being as new to the world as he is, he is unsure of many aspects of himself, such as what voice to use.
  • 1000: 1K (for lack of a better name — this is you!)
    What should I say? Everything there is to say about this character is literally what you do in the game!


α: Miranda
Created by Athena (1) and Cornelius (3), Miranda is about as brilliant as her mother, and has a childlike fascination with everything, but especially science (and daresay I, philosophy ;). One day however, her science led to her death in a lab. Perhaps she can be resurrected yet (and when that happens, Yaqut’s crush may be a dream come true!)?

A fusion of the ever-doubting, annoying Milton with the ever-faithing, placid ELOHIM, this character resides inside your subconscious… and may reveal things to you about morality: its rules, and its compilation.

Written by The Sojourner

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