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Hero’s Hour Artifacts List

Welcome to our Hero's Hour Artifacts List guide. You can find a list of all the artifacts and their bonuses in the game in this guide.

A fast turn-based strategy RPG with real-time combat. Develop your cities and armies, level up your heroes to gain new powerful spells and abilities, and explore the wonders and dangers of procedurally generated maps as you aim to conquer your foes before they do the same to you. Find the list of artifacts you’ll need on this expedition in our Hero’s Hour Artifacts List guide!

Hero’s Hour Artifacts List

Welcome to our Hero’s Hour Artifacts List guide. You can find a list of all the artifacts and their bonuses in the game in this guide.


Boots of Dusk+2 Attack / +2 Defense___
Boots of Life and Death+1 Recalcitrance Skill___
Boots of the Winner+1 Champion Skill / +1 Luck___
Enchanted Boots+1 Spellpower / +1 Knowledge___
Magi’s Shoes+1 Spellpower___
Pawed Boots+1 Call Beasts / +1 Creature Speed___
Platinum Boots+2 Defense___
Prophet’s Sandals+1 Daily Movement / +1 Knowledge___
Solid Boots+1 Defense___
Traveller’s Boots+3 Daily Movement___
Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Cape of Humility+1 Royalty Skill___
Cape of Winds+2 Creature Speed___
Conjurer’s Cape+1 Elemental Skill / +1 Defense___
Duskmage’s Cape+2 Spellpower___
Fur Cloak+1 Call Beasts / +1 Defense___
Golden Cape+1 Morale___
Goldrimmed Cape+1 Oligarchy Skill___
Heavy Cape+2 Defense___
Hero’s Cape+1 Combat Skill___
Magi’s Robe+2 Knowledge / +1 Spellpower___
Thieve’s Robe+2 Defense / +2 Daily Movement___


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Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Clawed Gauntlets+1 Call Beasts___
Clay Gloves+1 Defense / +1 Knowledge___
Engineer’s Gloves+1 Engineering Skill___
Gloves of Dusk+2 Defense / +2 Attack___
Glove of Golder Fingers+3 Midas Touch Skill___
Gloves of the Wise+2 Knowledge___
Knight’s Gloves+1 Defense / +1 Attack___
Mail Gloves+2 Defense___
Wizard’s Gloves+2 Spellpower / +1 Knowledge___
Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Berserker’s Mask+4 Attack / -2 Defense___
Crown of Dragons+2 Dragonking Skill___
Future Sight Helmet+1 Tactics Skill / +4 Creature Speed___
Hat of Plunder+2 Knowledge / +2 Defense___
Helmet of the Divine+2 Defense / +1 Morale___
Knight’s Helmet+2 Defense___
Magi’s Hat+1 Knowledge / +1 Spellpower___
Paladin’s Helmet+2 Knowledge / +2 Defense___
Regent’s Turban+1 Elemental Skill / +3 Spellpower___
Tusked Helmet+1 Call Beasts / +1 Knowledge___
Visor of Cursing+1 Hex Skill / +1 Attack___
Zaro’s Mask+2 Knowledge / +2 Spellpower___


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Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Clerics Trousers+1 Healing Skill___
Demonic Kilt+1 Demonology Skill / +1 Defense___
Fur Trousers+1 Creature Speed / +2 Attack___
Laborant Trousers+1 Toxicology Skill___
Leather Trouser+1 Defense___
Magi’s Trousers+1 Hydromancy Skill___
Mail Greaves+2 Defense___
Plated Trousers+1 Armorer Skill___
Student’s Leggings+1 Learning Skill___
Traveller’s Kilt+1 Logistics Skill___
Warrior’s Greaves+1 Defense / +1 Attack___
Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Artisan Necklace+2 Mastery Skill___
Bloodstone Necklace+1 Bloodwarping Skill___
Ceremonial Bunny Foot+1 Morale / +1 Luck___
Crystal Necklace+2 Spellpower / +1 Knowledge___
Lightning Crystal+1 Aeromancy Skill___
Necklace of Balance+1 Attack / +1 Defense___
Necklace of Courage+1 Morale___
Necklace of Luck+1 Luck___
Necklace of Power+2 Spellpower___
Trophy Necklace+3 Creature Speed___
Zaro’s Ward+3 Spellpower / +2 Knowledge___


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Hero’s Hour Artifacts List


Bestial Ward+1 Creature Speed / +1 Defense___
Bow of Light+1 Archery Skill / +1Creature Speed___
Bow of Searing Arrows+1 Archery Skill / +1 Pyromancy Skill___
Crystal Shield+2 Knowledge / +1 Defense___
Elven Bow+1 Archery Skill___
Enchanted Lyre+1 Regeneration Skill___
Heavy Crossbow+1 Archery Skill / -1 Creature Speed___
Jade Shield+1 Defense / +1 Terramancy Skill___
Shield of Death+1 Necromancy Skill / +1 Defense___
Shield of Fortune+2 Defense / +1 Luck___
Worn Shield+2 Defense___


Armor of Ideals+1 Diplomacy Skill___
Champion’s Plate+3 Defense / +2 Attack___
Enchanted Armor+1 Warding Skill/+1 Defense___
Gilded Robes+1 Diplomacy Skill___
Leather Chest+1 Defense / +1 Creature Speed___
Silvered Pate+2 Defense / +1 Knowledge___
Platemail+2 Defense___
Huntress Cuirass+2 Call Beasts/+3 Defense___


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Amulet of Valor+1 Morale___
Cauldron of Gold+1000 Gold Daily___
Compass+1 Scouting Skill___
Elemental Talisman+1 Elementalism Skill___
Emerald Band+1 Knowledge___
Eye of the Beast+1 Call Beasts___
Flag of Plunder+1 Plunder Skill___
Four Leaf Clover+1 Luck___
Gilded Robes+2 Knowledge / +1 Spellpower___
Golden Band+1 Attack___
Golden Horseshoe+2 Luck___
Magic Ring+1 Spellpower / +1 Knowledge___
Purse of Gold+200 Daily Gold Income___
Orb of Air+1 Aeromancy Skill___
Orb of Earth+1 Terramancy Skill___
Orb of Fire+1 Pyromancy Skill___
Orb of Water+1 Hydromancy Skill___
Ore-Laden Cart+1 Daily Ore Income___
Ring of Balance+1 Attack/+1 Defense___
Ring of Celerity+1 Morale___
Ruby Band+1 Spellpower___
Sack of Gold+1 Hydromancy Skill___
Sharpshooter’s Quiver+1 Archery Skill___
Silver Band+1 Defense___
Telescope+4 Sight___
Trophy Skull+2 Call Beasts___
Wood-Ladded Cart+1 Daily Wood Income___
Zaro’s Ring+2 Spellpower / +2 Knowledge___


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Axe of the Slayer+2 Attack___
Axe of the Titan+5 Attack___
Champions Axe+3 Attack___
Death Knight’s Blade+1 Attack / +1 Necromancy Skill___
Galaxy Blade+3 Attack / +2 Spellpower___
Glorious Axe+1 Attack / +1 Morale___
Heavy Sword+1 Attack / +1 Defense___
Platinum Axe+2 Attack / +2 Defense___
Reaper’s Scythe+1 Attack / +1 Spellpower___
Reliable Rapier+2 Attack___
Sharpened Femur+1 Call Beasts / +2 Attack___
Staff of Fire+1 Pyromancy Skill___
Staff of Ice+1 Hydromancy Skill___
Summoner’s Baton+2 Elementalism Skill / +1 Summoning Skill___
Sword of Hope+1 Attack / +1 Morale___
Tyrant’s Blade+1 Offensive Skill___
Warden’s Axe+4 Attack / +2 Defense___

Echoing Set

Banner of Echoes (Trinket)+1 Bloodlust Skill / +2 Attack___
Bracers of Terror (Gloves)+1 Destruction Skill / +1 Spellpower___
Echoing Rod (Weapon)+8 Attack___
Tunic of Mayhem (Torso)+1 Legion Skill___
Wall of Echoes (Off-hand/Shield)+8 Defense___


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Extracter Set

Artisan Axe (Weapon)+2 Offense Skill / +1 Defense___
Artisan Cuirass (Torso)+2 Armorer Skill / +1 Spellpower___
Artisan Gauntlet (Glove)+4 Spellpower / +2 Defense___
Artisan Helmet (Helmet)+1 Learning Skil / +4 Defense___
Artisan Shield (Off-hand/Shield)+4 Defense / +2 Attack___
Craftsman Axe (Weapon)+3 Attack / +1 Defense___
Craftsman Cuirass (Torso)+3 Defense / +1 Spellpower___
Craftsman Gauntlet (Gloves)+2 Spellpower / +2 Defense___
Craftsman Helmet (Helmet)+2 Knowledge / +2 Defense___
Craftsman Shield (Off-hand/Shield)+3 Defense / +1 Attack___
Novice Axe (Weapon)+2 Attack___
Novice Cuirass (Torso)+2 Defense___
Novice Gauntlet (Gloves)+1 Spellpower / +1 Defense___
Novice Helmet (Helmet)+1 Knowledge / +1 Defense___
Novice Shield (Off-hand/Shield)+2 Defense___

Mandel’s Set

Mandel’s Crown (Helmet)+1 Healing Skill / +1 Knowledge___
Mandel’s Gem (Trinket)+1 Learning Skill / +1 Spellpower___
Mandel’s Insignia (Necklace)+1 Demonology Skill___
Mandel’s Mantle (Cape)+1 Defense / +1 Attack___
Mandel’s Sceptre (Weapon)+1 Attack / +1 Healing Skill___


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Mesmer’s Set

Mesmer’s Cap (Helmet)+1 Sorcery Skill___
Mesmer’s Eye (Necklace)+1 Mysticism Skill / +1 Knowledge___
Mesmer’s Lance (Weapon)+1 Summoning Skill / +3 Spellpower___
Mesmer’s Wall (Off-hand/Shield)+1 Warding Skill / +2 Knowledge___

Rabbit’s Set

Rabbit’s Cape (Cape)+1 Planning Skill / +2 Attack___
Rabbit’s Charm (Necklace)+1 Luck / +1 Creature Speed___
Rabbit’s Feet (Boots)+1 Estates Skill___
Rabbit’s Kilt (Leggings)+1 Recruitment Skill / +1 Attack___
Rabbit’s Suit (Torso)+1 Recruitment Skill / +1 Defense___
Rabbit’s Turban (Helmet)+1 Royalty Skill / +2 Defense___

Titan’s Set

Titan Boots (Boots)+3 Defense / -1 Creature Speed___
Titan Gloves (Glove)+3 Attack / -1Creature Speed___
Titan Kilt (Leggings)+3 Spellpower / -1 Creature Speed___
Titan Plate (Torso)+1 Warding Skill / -1 Creature Speed___
Titan Visage (Helmet)+5 Knowledge / -1 Creature Speed___


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Tusk’s Set

Tusk’s Blade (Weapon)+1 Combat Skill / +1 Attack___
Tusk’s Boxing Gloves (gloves)+1 Leadership Skill / +1 Attack___
Tusk’s Cuirass (Torso)+2 Defense / +1 Attack___
Tusk’s Helmet (Helmet)+1 Learning Skill / +1 Attack___
Tusk’s Immortality (Off-hand/Shield)+1 Combat Skill / +4 Defense___

Widle’s Set

Cloak of Widle (Cape)+1 Creation Skill___
Crown of the Widle (Helmet)+1 Swarming Skill___
Widle Bow (Weapon)+3 Attack / +1 Knowledge___
Widle Guard (Off-hand/Shield)+10 Spellpower___
Widle’s Hourglass (Trinket)+1 Potency Skill___
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