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KILLBUG Enemies Guide

Check out our KILLBUG Enemies guide if you want to know about your enemies and information about them in this adventure!

KILLBUG is a fast-paced, first-person action game set in an endless arena. Slash and shoot your way through hordes of greedy bugs by mastering fluid air movement mechanics as you battle for victory on the leaderboards. Check out our KILLBUG Enemies guide if you want to know about your enemies and information about them in this adventure!


Welcome to our KILLBUG Enemies guide. You can find the point values of the enemies and some very basic information in this guide.


Ladybugs = 25 points

Very basic enemy just lunges at you

Bee = 50 points

Basic range enemy. The projectiles hurt but are pretty slow. You can also reflect them back if you melee the projectile which seems to be the case with all projectiles in the game.

Fireflies = 50 points

These guys are scary. they run up at you and explode. They make a sound. When you melee them you fling them in that direction too. I believe do some damage to the other enemies? I don’t think a lot of damage though.

Centipede = 0 points?

Yea so turns out they give 0 points. How meleeing them gives a crap ton of health for each segment.

Spider Eggs = 25 points

They spawn every once in a while and then spawn spiders which are scary.

Spiders = 400 points

Spiders are scary they do a lot of damage and have a huge leap. They don’t have a lot of health
though so might be worth just letting them spawn for the points if you can handle it.

Bee Hive/Fly thing?? = 1000 points

I don’t know what this is it looks like a bee hive but you get killed by the projectiles there called
like fly mucus or something. They have a lot of health and shoot homing projectiles and are mean. You can do big damage by reflecting a bunch of there projectiles back.

Red Beetle = 100 points

Its like an upgraded version of the beetle. They act the same but have more health. You can’t just melee them and they die.

Tapeworm boss = 5000 points

This guy is big and scary looking buts hes not that bad. He drops ton of little enemies that are annoying. If you just jump on its back and destroy all the red orb things he dies. The tentacles on him are hitboxes so try not to touch them when you jump on it and when its moving around.

Mosquito swarms = 400 points

These guys are annoying. They fly way up high and shotgun projectiles down at you. Its really annoying and they do a lot of damage and have not bad health. You can reflect the projectiles back but because of the pattern it doesn’t seem to be really effective.

Wasp = ???? points

The blue guys are just upgraded bees they have more health and i think faster projectiles?? I haven’t actually gotten to this guy many times so my knowledge on them is a little low. If anyone better than me has some please go ahead.

Written by Xuse

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