Hitman 2 – Chasing a Ghost Stories Walkthrough

Gone With the Wind From the buses, head straight and take a left at the green […]

  1. From the buses, head straight and take a left at the green umbrella. Keep running straight towards the big building that Dawood Rangan is in.
  2. Once you get to the building, head left and eventually you’ll find some concrete tubes that you can crawl through to enter.
  3. From the tubes, sneak behind the boxes in front of you and make your way to the forklift.
  4. Turn on the alarm and subdue the guard who comes to check it out. Take his disguise and hide his body in the box to your right. Make sure that the coast is clear before you drag the body.
  5. Now, head to the main building and go up the steps. Then, go through the door to your left.
  6. Inside, you’ll see a Bollywood crew disguise that you should put on.
  7. Keep going through the room and up the stairs to the left. (Note: Be careful that your fellow crew member doesn’t recognize you don’t belong.)
  8. At the top, go right and then around the corner.
  9. Go past the cars and through the door on your left by the ramp.
  10. Head to the people by the window and listen in on their conversation to reveal the story.
  11. Head back out of the room and go up the stairs straight in front of you.
  12. Go into the building to your left and then through the doors to your left. You’ll see the elevator shaft on your left as soon as you enter.
  13. The script is hanging on the ledge to your left. Shoot the script and knock it down, then climb the elevator shaft and pick up the script.
  14. Climb up to the second floor and walk back outside.
  15. Go over to the movie set on your left and give the director the script. This will complete the Gone with the Wind story.
  16. She will instruct you to man the fan during the scene.
  17. Go to the TV’s behind the set and pick up the screwdriver. Take it to the fan and tamper with the controls.
  18. Go over and man the fan while waiting for the scene to start. Once it starts, increase the wind so that it blows off Rangan and the actress.
  19. You’ll then be able to walk away unnoticed.

A Dress to Die For

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Broad Strokes

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Picture Perfect

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A Close Shave

  1. From the bus stop, head straight towards the white stairs with the blue and white cover.
  2. Run to the right of the stairs and take an instant right.
  3. Take your first left and then another left by the purpleish light.
  4. Sneak up the stairs that are on your right and listen to the conversation to reveal the story.
  5. Go back down the steps, take a right, and walk down the stairs into the gutter. Then go through the concrete opening on your right.
  6. You’ll encounter 2 guards, kill them and take one of their disguises.
  7. Continue through the tunnel and go past the next set of guards.
  8. On your right, just past the guards, there should be a door. Go through it and to your left there should be a picture of the Maelstrom that you can pick up.
  9. Run back out the way that you came and go back up the stairs to your left, exiting the sewer. (Note: You will be given the option to identify the Maelstrom or investigate the barber shop. For this guide, we are going to investigate the barber shop.)
  10. Run straight and take a left into the street when you can.
  11. The barber shop is in front of you. It is the one with a face painted on the door.
  12. Go around to the back side of the shop and through the door on the blue wall.
  13. Go through the beads on your right and up the steps.
  14. Kill the barber and his wife and disguise yourself as the barber. Grab his blade off of the floor and his key from the table.
  15. Go back downstairs and into the shop. Open it up for business.
  16. Step outside and act as the barber. This will complete the A Close Shave story.
  17. Wait for the Maelstrom to arrive and be identified, then offer him a shave.
  18. When he sits down, begin shaving him and then kill him. Then, drag his body out of the chair to your left and stash his body inside the cabinet in the other room
  19. You will then be able to walk away unnoticed.

A Matter of Discipline

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Flames Rekindled

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