House Flipper 7 Dragon Ball Locations

Welcome to our House Flipper 7 Dragon Ball Locations guide. Gather the 7 dragon balls and open the easter egg of the Kame Home DLC.

House Flipper 7 Dragon Ball Locations

There are 7 Dragon balls, these are the places, obviously all of them remain in the Kame house.

1st dragon ball: Living Room > Under the table (Press C to Crouch)2nd dragon ball: Kitchen > Inside one of the cupboards (Press C to Crouch)

3rd dragon ball: Bathroom > Behind the door

4th dragon ball: Basement > Under the leftmost bed (Requires to move the bed)

5th dragon ball: Outside > Lower right area of the island > Between the rocks

6th dragon ball: Outside > Below the window near the TV

7th dragon ball: Outside > Very close to the previous one > Between the rocks

Easter Egg

Collect the 7 dragon balls and position them in the holder (Living room > Table). When done the skies will turn dark.

Video Guide

If you still need help or you do not find any of the 7 dragon balls, inspect this video guide (by TmarTn2) with all the locations.

Click to watch on Youtube House Flipper

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