WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations

Welcome to our WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations guide. There are 27 Den Locations, find them all with our map, guide and pointers. Also find the new den’s features introduced with the last update.

WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations

Den Locations – Map

In the traditional version of the video game, there were 4 Den websites, 3 available from the start, and an extra website available as soon as your wolf has adequate experience to migrate to the Amethyst Mountain. But with the Anniversary Edition update, the variety of Den websites increassed to 27, this is the map with all the areas marked:

WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations
WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations

How to Find Dens – WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Den Locations

The map will help you a lot, but you ought to also know:

  • When a gamer is within series of a potential den site, a pale gold icon of a den appears under the compass. The icon grows darker as the gamer moves through the active area towards the place of the den
  • All dens share a green or yellow emphasize in scent vision
  • Wind instructions: when downwind, scent spores blow towards a player simplifying to discover dens.
  • When there are to piles of rocks, differences in snow texture or surface, and also tree stumps. These are indications that a gamer might utilize to recognise a den
  • There are 3 kinds of Dens: x15 Burrows x9 Caves and also x3 Trees


Inside the Den

How to go into the Den?

  • You can only get in the Den once the litter has actually been born and named

Benefits of going into and oversleeping a Den?

  • Of course you can spend time with the puppies, but if you sleep inside you will refill your wakefulness (purple meter) and dreams are guaranteed

Achievements or Missions Related

In the classic variation of the video game there where 2 Missions related:

  • No Place Like Home: Settle at one of the four available den sites
  • Nobody Messes with Me: Successfully thwart a certain amount of predators

But we will have to wait until the early gain access to release, because Achievements have actually not yet been carried out.

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