How to Beat Egg Mobile Robotnik in Sonic Superstars

In almost every game of the Sonic series, we’ve encountered the Egg Mobile Robotnik, and it also appears in Sonic Superstars. In this guide, we’ll explain how to defeat this boss located in the Sky Fortress. Take down Robotnik in 4 simple steps!

How to Defeat Egg Mobile Robotnik

In Sonic Superstars, some levels throw challenging boss encounters your way, and the Sky Fortress Stage is no exception. Here, you’ll face off against the formidable Egg Mobile Robotnik in a three-phased battle. This guide will walk you through each phase and provide strategies to emerge victorious.

How to Defeat Egg Mobile Robotnik

Phase One: Buzzsaws

The battle begins with you sky-diving toward Robotnik as he deploys buzzsaws in groups of three. These buzzsaws create a tricky arc, especially if you’re on the outer edges of the arena. To survive, keep an eye on approaching buzzsaws and adjust your position accordingly as you free-fall through the sky.

Phase Two: Platforming

After surviving phase one, the arena transitions into a platforming section with a massive fan blade beneath you. It’s a hectic portion where timing is crucial. Collect Rings if necessary and make your way to the top to confront Robotnik.

Phase Two: Avatar Chaos Emerald Power

Upon reaching the top, Robotnik resumes his buzzsaw assault, albeit at a slower pace. This is where your Avatar Chaos Emerald Power (Blue) comes into play. Use it to hit Robotnik twice, pushing him into his second phase instantly.

Phase Two: Buzzsaw Fury

In the second phase, Robotnik throws three stacks of buzzsaws in a straight line, requiring precise positioning to avoid them. Position yourself between the gaps to evade most of them, and make minor adjustments as needed.

Phase Two: Platforming

Another platforming section awaits you, similar to the previous phase. Head for the top while dealing with slightly more complex obstacles. The right side provides the easiest route.

Phase Two: Jump Into The Bottom

Reaching the top, Robotnik continues to throw buzzsaws. Without your Avatar Chaos Emerald Power, you must hit him directly. Jump into the bottom of his Egg Mobile to deal damage, repeating this process twice to move to the third and final phase.

Phase Three: Sporadic Buzzsaws

In the third phase, Robotnik hurls buzzsaws with no discernible pattern. Dodging these is a significant challenge. Position yourself toward the middle of the left side of the arena and weave in and out to avoid buzzsaws.

Phase Three: Platforming

Yet another platforming section, but surprisingly easier. You can safely collect Rings on your way up. Head to the top for the final confrontation with Robotnik.

Phase Three: Ground Pound

In the last phase, Robotnik changes his attack pattern. He targets you and slams into the ground with great force, creating a temporary opening. Stand on the middle platform, move away at the last moment to avoid damage, and jump onto his head while he’s stuck.

With this guide, you should be well-prepared to take on Egg Mobile Robotnik in Sonic Superstars’ Sky Fortress Stage and emerge victorious. Best of luck in your gaming adventure!

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