Lords of the Fallen Keyboard and Mouse Guide

Lords of the Fallen Keyboard and Mouse Guide

Master the keyboard and mouse controls in Lords of the Fallen. Our comprehensive guide will help you optimize your gameplay for success!

Do you want to make the game more playable, but you can’t get the efficiency you want on the keyboard and mouse? 5 Simple changes to help keyboard-mouse players make the game more playable are in this guide for you. Check out our Lords of the Fallen Keyboard and Mouse guide for controls and more!

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Lords of the Fallen Keyboard and Mouse Guide

Did you need a manual for Keyboard and Mouse Players? Then you’re in the right place. In this Lords of the Fallen Keyboard and Mouse Guide, we will talk about the control settings for gamers, the details for the keyboard and mouse!

What Problem Are We Solving


Game controllers will more evenly distribute buttons/actions across two hands.

This can ease gameplay but requires you to spend time to retrain your hands and coordination before you can start enjoying a game without thinking about what your are doing with your hands.

Keyboard + Mouse

With a keyboard and mouse, this distribution is uneven.

The keyboard hand doing most of the work.


Lords of the Fallen 2 has over 17 actions you can perform and this can be clunky and clumsy with most of those actions being performed with ONE hand.

This guide is to help make Lords of the Fallen:

  • Adopt more common PC games that were developed with keyboard + mouse users.
  • Help distribute actions more evenly between your keyboard hand and mouse hand.


In order to make this game more playable on Keyboard and Mouse, you will need a mouse with at least two thumb buttons.

If you search for “gaming mouse” you will find almost all have at least 2 thumb buttons.

Lords of the Fallen 2 will recognize additional mouse buttons when remapping actions.


Lords of the Fallen will NOT show the additional mouse buttons in their Tips. It’ll just show a blank like, “Use to perform action.”

This is when you know they are talking about one of your mouse thumb buttons.

More Even
A gaming mouse with thumb buttons helps distribute a few more actions to your mouse hand so your keyboard hand isn’t so overworked.

This helps with:

  • Reducing clumsy mistakes
  • Reducing that cumbersome combat feeling.
  • Simplifying combat.
  • Reducing slow execution and to try to make combat more fluid.

Keyboard Rebinding


The first thing we’re going to remap is the RUN and JUMP keys in the game.


Run = F
Jump = V



This will immediately make this game much more playable because you are probably used to playing with these functions in other PC games.

You will have to remap the actions that SHIFT & SPACEBAR had though. (See below)

This is where your gaming mouse thumb buttons come in.


Dodge was the spacebar but now you want to map it to a mouse thumb button.

I did this because you won’t be attacking AND dodging at the same time.


Shift controlled what the game calls the “Ranged Option”. You use it with your lantern and throwing/spells.

Remap this to your other mouse button because most of the time you will be using the Ranged Option + Right Mouse Button (RMB) or Left Mouse Button (LMB).


The tutorials teach you to hit 1 or 2 to switch ranged options (Lantern is 1 and Ranged is 2).
To make this considerably easier, use the “Toggle Ranged” button instead.
Remap Toggle Ranged to 1 and the “Switch to Lantern” something else. (You won’t need to hit it manually.)


Turn two and three-key actions into one-key actions.

Let’s look at Soulflay for example. Using default mappings, you have to:

1. Tap 1 to select Lantern
2. Hold down shift.
3. Click your right mouse button

What if you could just tap one key to perform a Soulflay while fighting?

Would that make combat easier?

What if your spells could all be mapped to just one key?

See next section.


These changes should make the game more familiar to you as it uses PC gaming standards and frees up your keyboard hand more.
Feel free to experiment with other keybindings though so YOU feel more comfortable.

Programmable Keyboard, Speedpad, Mouse

Programmable Keyboards

If you want to take the next step to ease your gameplay, try a programmable keyboard, Speedpad (like a one-handed keyboard), or mouse.

Maybe you already have one but never used it.


The way these work is you usually record a macro (sequence of keys or mouse actions) and assign that macro to a programmable key or mouse button.

For this game, I really only use one macro.

Ranged Option + Left Mouse Button

This is used for:

  • Lantern: Siphon (pull out enemy souls)
  • Spell 1

This turns siphoning and using my main spell/ranged attack into one a one key action.

Any other cumbersome key combinations you have trouble with is a good candidate for a macro.

Written by Sparky

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