How to Farm Dinks in Dinkum

Boost your economy and enhance your gameplay with effective dinking tactics in Dinkum. Explore our guide for valuable strategies and insights

We have listed the tactics in our guide that will help you get more dinks in Dinkum and strengthen your economy.

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Dinkum: Easy Dinks Farming Method

Here are some helpful tips that may be useful to help improve the economy of my small town.

Permit Points

Before delving into the specifics of obtaining a license, let’s discuss permit points. Here’s a helpful guide on easily acquiring them:

  1. Complete daily tasks.
  2. Explore your island thoroughly.
  3. Fulfill requests from fellow islanders (there’s a milestone for this).
  4. Engage in bug catching or fishing.
  5. Achieve various milestones (although farming is not recommended due to its tedious nature).

While I don’t endorse farming, as it can be a time-consuming and laborious task, there are more enjoyable ways to accumulate permit points. Once you’ve gathered a minimum of 1700 permit points, head to The Town Hall to organize your licenses.

Organizing Your Licenses

Visit your Town Hall and consult with Fletch to apply for a license. When prompted to choose your license, opt for the Trapping License. It’s advisable to upgrade to level 2 for improved and more efficient traps, making subsequent steps smoother.

Capturing Creatures for Dinks

Now, let’s discuss how to obtain dinks by trapping various creatures.

  • Diggo: Trap diggos by placing the trap while they are sitting. Each diggo caught yields 4,400 dinks, with rare-patterned diggos selling for the same price.
  • Birds: Stun birds using the flashlight and swiftly set the trap. Both types of birds sell for 4,000 dinks each.
  • Turkeys: Catch scrub turkeys similarly to birds, stunning them with the torch and placing the trap. The selling price is the same as birds.

You can use the stun torch method for trapping all animals. In the following sections, I’ll provide information on the selling price, behavior, and location of various creatures, excluding alphas, grubs, sharks, fish, and pincher plants.

Note: Hostile enemies require at least a 30% decrease in health before capture, or you can place the collection point nearby. If using the simple trap, a 50% health decrease is necessary.

Creature Guide

  • Blooming Frilly: Aggressive, Deep Mine, Undergrove, 26,160 dinks
  • Bush Devil: Aggressive, Pine Forest, 12,000 dinks
  • Croco: Aggressive, Billabong, Mangroves, Rivers, 9,600 dinks
  • Frilly: Defensive, Desert, 9,720 dinks
  • Glowing Croco: Aggressive, Deep Mine, 9,600 dinks
  • Jackaroo: Passive, Bushlands, Desert, 6,400 dinks
  • Kidna: Defensive, Desert, 8,400 dinks
  • Mu: Passive, Plains, 4,000 dinks
  • Wary Mu: Aggressive, Tropics, 8,400 dinks
  • White Jackaroo/White Boomer: Passive, Invincible (December only in Xmas locations), Bushlands, Pine Forest, Plains, 3 cherries (holiday-themed)

Enjoy your trapping adventures and dink collection!

Written by Neko_Nimura

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