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(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build

Unlock skills, detailed knowledge, and tactics to reach Compression 10 in the Gnorp Apologue with insights from our comprehensive guide.

If you need skills and detailed knowledge and tactics to reach compression 10 in (the) Gnorp Apologue, you should check out our guide.

This is the guide ariaventuri it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Compression 10 Build Skills in Gnorp Apologue

Skills we carefully selected from 30 hours of gaming experience. Now, this setup may require 17 points, which is a lot, but compression will get you to 10 easily! These aren’t all useful endgames, but they definitely help in the process.

Gnorping your way into Compression 10


The core element of the game! As this is no usual idle game, maxing out everything and waiting for things to work out is not exactly the correct way to go. So, here is a build I used along with the talents above!

The buildings are presented in the rough order I built them in, just in case someone really wants to stay close to the guide.

The Shard Stash

Compression 10 Build - The Shard Stash
  • Auto-House – keep it on if you please, but personally, it gets in the way when you’re trying to save up shards.
  • The Express – fundamental to progress.
  • Slam Club – not used at all, but bought it anyway.
  • House of Shards – fundamental to progress.
  • Build Housing – you can never have too many gnorps. That being said, feel free to buy as many as you please.
  • Additional Housing – becomes fundamental the further you go, and is generally really worth it. You can never have too many gnorps.

The Express

Compression 10 Build - The Express
  • Work – always working, never stopping.
  • Attunement: Mountaineer – By the sheer amounts of mountaineers we will be having, their boost is oh-so worth it.
  • Runner – you may never have too many gnorps, but you sure as hell can have too many runners. Speaking from experience! Therefore, 20 is the optimal amount, as it will both let the Zygnorps attune themselves to them, but will also be efficient enough.
  • Capacity – not exactly necessary later on, but it doesn’t hurt to upgrade it.
  • Speed – best to max out.
  • G.E.E.T. Protocol – fundamental to progress. It’s best to max it out to max out efficiency.
  • Breaktime – buy it once, and then never give them a break ever again. Otherwise, you will lose the capacity buff. You don’t want that!
  • Delivery rush! – really useful, considering your runners will end up stuck at the very beginning of the shard field.
  • Teleportation – a waste of good Zybellium. Seriously, I think that thing makes them go slower, in result ruining efficiency.

Slam Club

Compression 10 Build - Slam Club

Yeah… It’s empty. It’s not really worth it. No in-depth guide here. Moving on.

House of Shards

Compression 10 Build - House of Shards

It’s pretty straightforward, but I had the need to include it.
We will not be buying robotics, as it is pretty useless to me, and a waste of 3 fine gnorps that could be doing something else.
But, hey, if drones are your thing, then by all means, go for it. Useless tho.

Rock Analysis Lab

Compression 10 Build - Rock Analysis Lab
  • Weakspot Discovery – highly useful early on. Worth every shard, considering how many of these we will be spawning.
  • Weakspot Frequency – every second counts.
  • Weakspot Weakspot – because weakspots have weakspots. We love efficiency.
  • Reclamation Nullification – barely used it, not my thing.
  • Zybellium Agitator – you’ll want those 3 bonus Zybellium, trust me. Who wouldn’t?
  • Zybellium Collection – fundamental to progress.
  • Balloon Gunner – with our skills, will summon rockets and shoot a lot of arrows. Real fast.

Archery Range

Compression 10 Build - Archery Range
  • Fire – fire shreds, and isn’t annoying like ice is.
  • Rocket Arrows – high damage output and affects gatlegnorp type arrows.
  • Fire Arrows – since we’re using them, we must have them. Pretty simple.
  • Ice Arrows – despite not using them at all, it’s worth buying them, as one of our talents will award us with free gnorps. Yay!
  • Zybellium Arrows – I’ve never bought them. Ever. I have no idea if they’re good. If they are, I wouldn’t know. We don’t need them here though!

Cocoa Cafe

Compression 10 Build - Cocoa Cafe
  • Climb – let ’em tear the mountain to shreds. Sometimes it’s worth it to give them a break, to stop the mountaineers from preventing us from reaching certain compression levels.
  • Attunement: Hulk – this is really the only choice you have. And it’s the best one you could ever make! Later on individual pieces become so compressed, they’re impossible to move by other means. This greatly increases their efficiency.
  • Mountaineer – just like runners, you can have too many of these, except if you do, the mountaineers will roam around doing nothing. What a waste! With our talent which lets them bring a friend along, 25 is the highest reasonable number to have. That means 50 gnorps for half the price! Rejoice!
  • Improved digging – upgrade it too many times, and they’ll become a menace that’ll ruin your shard pile. Upgrading until the gnorp cost starts showing 6 (which is, I believe, upgrading 6 times? oh the coincidence) seems like the most optimal choice.
  • Digging width – max it out, it’s cheap later on and totally worth it.
  • King of the Pile – after all, why not? Experiment a little with resting and climbing to make sure the king collects 4 crowns, make sure he does it alone though! The crowns will carry on to other gnorps later on thanks to one of our talents.

Gnorp Propulsion Lab

Compression 10 Build - Gnorp Propulsion Lab
  • Attunement: Weakspots – with so many weakspots appearing every second, it’s best to have little helpers around who will activate them for you.
  • Bomber – their only purpose here is activating weakspots for us. However, if you have a spare Zybellium around, they could also shoot pocket rockets.
  • Timeshift impact – not worth it with our current setup, as they deal barely any damage and don’t receive bonus rockets upon impact.
  • Ultra Boost – not a damage build, not worth it at all.
  • Concentration – not a damage build, not worth it at all.
  • Pocket Rockets – as I said, only if you have a spare Zybellium around. Otherwise, not worth your time.

Gun V. Rock

Compression 10 Build - Gun V. Rock
  • Modern Warfare – thanks to our talents, grenades will reduce the time needed for a weakspot to spawn. You can have as many as you please, they’re only really expensive in terms of shards.
  • Gatlegnorp – since we unlocked rocket arrows, we might as well put them to use. On top of that, these guys will spawn rockets.
  • Gatlegnorp: Ammo – accomodate him. Get him that ammo. Watch in ave, as the rain of arrows flies by.
  • Grenade Launcher – unlocks “Modern Warfare”. Prior to unlocking it, you can use fire arrows.
  • Sticky, Floral Residue – reduces the time needed for gnorps to return to the rock after recoil, which means more damage per second.


Compression 10 Build - Academy
  • Attunement: Runners – you have enough! Feel free to switch between them and the mountaineer option (you also have enough!), depending which one is collecting more at a given moment.
  • Zygnorp – it doesn’t hurt to have 3. After all, you have all that bonus Zybellium to spare! They should become your most efficient unit in no time.
  • Drone Attunement – drones? What are drones? Never heard of ’em.
  • Mountaineer Attunement – fundamental to our setup.

The YX1-AB

Compression 10 Build - The YX1-AB
  • Enable – why would you ever disable those? Beats me!
  • X-rockets – the more the better!
  • Y-rockets – you really can’t have enough rockets!
  • Vulnerability – a must have, considering all the damage it outputs, and how it retuns reclaimed shards. Activate it fast enough, it’s as if you’ve never lost a shard!

The Garden

Compression 10 Build - The Garden
  • Blue / Green / Red – all of them are useful, so keep them all checked! Later on, however, hulks (red) might become a bit of a problem, by collecting a ton (I mean, a TON) of shards and ruining your pile. Disable them then, and let ’em return whenever you’re ready.
  • Flower Power – generally worth it, makes sure the garden never runs out of flower power, creating a constant flow of altered gnorps.
  • Amplified Observation – worth it. No questions asked.
  • Enriched Puke – worth it. No questions asked.
  • Singular Shockwave – worth it. No questions asked.


Compression 10 Build - Shrine
  • Find the Chosen – fundamental to progress.
  • Accord: Reversal – reduces the amount of shards the rock reclaims. Worth.
  • Accord: Overdrive – this innocent little guy with a mystical sword will become your most powerful asset when combined with Accord: Power.
  • Accord: Power – an insanely good accord when combined with our multiplier growth talent. Dare I say, it’s fundamental to our progress. Good stuff.

Damage and Collection

This is how your Damage and Collection should look like after following this guide!

Compression 10 Build - Damage and Collection

The numbers may be higher than yours, but that’s okay. It’s all from the multiplier growth that grew while I was writing this guide with the game on in the background!

Written by ariaventuri

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