How to Get to Moonrise Towers in BG3

In the Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we explain how to get to Moonrise Towers. There are two different paths to reach Moonrise Towers. We’ve noticed that players often struggle with this quest. By following our step-by-step guide below or continuing from where you left off, you can reach Moonrise Towers.

How to Get to Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3

To reach Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3, Halsin provides two routes: the Underdark or the Overland route through the Mountain Pass. Choosing the right path is crucial, considering the challenging terrain.

If you’re leaning towards the Underdark path (let’s keep things simple for now), Halsin will mention a route via the Temple of Selune, near the Goblin camp. This isn’t the only way to the Underdark, but it’s the best choice for now. You can head back to the Goblin Camp by using a Waypoint for fast travel or going on foot, depending on your party and their strengths. If you have a Drow character, the Underdark may be a more suitable option. It’s all about assessing your team before making the decision.

Goblin Camp

Returning to the Goblin Camp requires a few strategic moves. If you previously entered through the Blighted Village and didn’t clear out all the Goblins, you’ll need to deal with them now. However, if you already defeated them, head straight to the Shattered Sanctum where the Goblin leaders were.

If you’re facing Goblins at the camp’s entrance, make use of nearby cover and the elevated terrain for a stealth advantage. Once you reach the main Goblin Camp area, employing Grease spells or bottles can be effective due to the many fire sources. Goblins tend to gather on the main bridge, and some will use towers and high areas.

How to Get to Moonrise Towers in Baldur's Gate 3

When the Goblin Camp is clear, enter the Shattered Sanctum through the large wooden door. Expect more Goblins inside if you didn’t clear the camp initially. These Goblins can be a bit tricky as many will be on elevated platforms, but skilled archers in your party can handle them from a distance.

In the southwestern corner of the Shattered Sanctum, there’s a room with an Ornate Door leading to the Defiled Temple, a step closer to the Underdark.

Upon entering, you’ll encounter an ogre named Polma, Bodyguard of the High Priestess. She won’t attack right away, but if you move too far, she’ll warn you. To progress in the Moonrise Towers quest, you’ll need to deal with her. Use the ladder near the entrance to position ranged characters advantageously.

With Polma taken care of, you can head east toward a puzzle or search the room for clues. If Polma is still alive, you won’t find the Priestess Journal for a clue. As you enter the eastern room, your party will perform an Investigation roll, noting the moving floor plates with symbols in the center. This is important information.

How to Get to Moonrise Towers From Underdark

To kick things off, your journey into Act 2 involves reaching Moonrise Towers via two main routes: the Underdark or the Mountain Pass. However, neither of these routes leads you directly to the towers. They both eventually lead you to the same place.

After making your way through the Underdark or the Mountain Pass, you’ll arrive in the Shadow Cursed Lands. For those who took the Underdark route, you’ll need to go through the Grymforge and use an elevator. If you chose the Mountain Pass, it’s a shorter road.

How to Get to Moonrise Towers in Baldur's Gate 3

In the Shadow Cursed Lands, your goal is to find the Last Light Inn. This spot acts as a checkpoint before reaching Moonrise Towers, and it’s also where you can encounter characters like Jaheira, Isobel, Dammon, and others, who play roles in various quests. If you’ve saved the Emerald Grove from the goblin camp, you’ll be particularly welcome here, given the presence of Druids and the Tiefling survivor from the grove.

You’ll eventually need to move on from the Last Light Inn. We recommend speaking with Jaheira and Isobel if possible. Isobel offers you a protection spell that negates the need for a torch when traveling through the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Reaching The Moonrise Towers

Moving on from the Last Light Inn, your next destination is Reithwin Town, the last checkpoint before Moonrise Towers. From the Reithwin Town waypoint, head southwest, passing by the Tollhouse and close to The Waning Moon. Here, you’ll find the waypoint for Moonrise Towers.

The simplest way to access the towers is to walk across the bridge and face whatever lies ahead. However, for those who prefer a stealthier approach, an alternate route takes you around the bridge and through the side of the towers.

This alternative route is located southeast of the Moonrise Towers waypoint. To access it, go into the Tollhouse and exit from the south side. Jump down onto the rocks near the water, hop over the gap, and you’ll be able to explore Moonrise Towers from a completely different perspective than if you had gone over the bridge.

And there you have it! That’s the guide on how to get to Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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