How to Obtain TMNT Mythic Weapons – Fortnite

A detailed guide for TMNT Mythic weapons and how to get them.

The TMNT event introduced Legendary Weapons that you can get during matches. These weapons, which are unique and different for each brother, will be indispensable for your attacks. In this guide, we explained how to get these four weapons.

How to get TMNT Mythic Weapons

One of the highlights of the TMNT event in Fortnite is the introduction of Mythic Weapons, each representing one of the four brothers. These weapons offer unique abilities and can significantly impact gameplay. Here’s how you can obtain these coveted TMNT Mythic Weapons during your matches.

There are two primary methods for acquiring TMNT Mythic Weapons, catering to different playstyles. Whether you prefer stealth or thrive in combat, there’s a method that suits you.

1. Purchase From TMNT Vending Machines

This method is ideal for players who prefer stealth or wish to avoid confrontations. TMNT Vending Machines are scattered across the map during the event, offering a chance to acquire these special weapons. Refer to the provided screenshot to locate these machines throughout the game world.

TMNT Vending Machines in Fortnite

Upon finding a TMNT Vending Machine, interact with it to view the available items. With luck, you’ll find a mythic weapon listed for sale at the price of 300 Gold. Alternatively, the machine may offer Party Pizza, a consumable that restores shield points. While this method reduces the likelihood of encountering other players, it requires spending in-game currency to obtain the weapons.

2. Engage in Combat

For those who excel in combat and are willing to confront multiple adversaries, acquiring TMNT Mythic Weapons through elimination might be the preferred option. Defeating opponents increases the chances of obtaining these powerful weapons as loot drops. This method grants the weapons without the need for spending Gold, making it advantageous for players skilled in combat.

Choose the method that aligns with your playstyle and embark on your quest to wield the formidable TMNT Mythic Weapons in Fortnite.

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