PUBG Spring Events 2024 Missions

PUBG: An Awakened Journey Missions Guide | Spring Fest 2024

Complete the An Awakened Journey missions in PUBG Spring Fest 2024 Events with our guide to unlock all mission rewards.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the An Awakened Journey missions, one of the PUBG Spring Fest 2024 Events. By completing these missions, you can earn all the mission rewards.

PUBG Spring Fest 2024 Event Guide

Get ready for an exciting adventure inspired by the classic novel Journey to the West with PUBG Spring Fest 2024 Event celebration! This update brings new items, events, and features to the game, offering plenty of opportunities to earn rewards and enhance your gameplay.

Key Highlights

  • Theme: Journey to the West – Four travelers embark on a journey, awakening ancient weapons with special powers.
  • Dates:
    • PC: February 7 (after live server maintenance) – April 9, 12 AM UTC
    • Console: February 15 (after live server maintenance) – April 18, 1 AM UTC
  • New Items:
    • Progressive Weapon Skins:
      • Sun Wukong – M24 (with Kill Effect!)
      • Zhu Bajie – M416
      • Sha Wujing – Mini14
      • Tang Sanzang – Pan (available later)
    • Chroma Weapon Skins:
      • Sun Wukong – M24 (Crimson Gold)
      • Tang Sanzang – Pan (Teal)
      • Zhu Bajie – M416 (Magenta Peach)
      • Sha Wujing – Mini14 (Silver)
    • Step Up Package: Guaranteed Progressive Weapon Skin (Tang Sanzang) with discounts
    • Crafter Pass: Spring Fest 2024: Earn Spring Fest Tokens, Vouchers, Loot Caches, and more (not available in Belgium and Netherlands)
    • Special Crafting: Craft various items using Spring Fest Tokens (available until April 9/18 UTC)
    • Loot Cache Packs: Get Spring Fest Tokens and bonus items
    • Event Rewards: Earn exclusive items by participating in Spring Fest events


  • An Awakened Journey: Complete missions to receive event loot, sprays, vouchers, and charms.
  • The Collector!: Equip specific Progressive Weapon Skins to unlock Niu Mowang-themed rewards and a Lv. 3 Material Crate.

Additional Notes:

  • Expired Spring Fest Tokens will be removed on April 9/18 UTC.
  • Check the in-game store for previews and expiry dates of items.
  • Keep an eye out for the February Special Drops Announcement for more events.

Don’t miss out on this exciting PUBG Spring Fest 2024 celebration! Join the journey, collect unique items, and enjoy the festive atmosphere!

How to do An Awakened Journey Missions

The Spring Fest event in PUBG brings An Awakened Journey, a series of limited-time missions with exciting rewards. This guide will demystify each mission and help you claim your loot before the event ends on February 27th, 4:00 AM UTC.

Entering the Lobby

Just by logging in, you’ll receive a Spring Fest 2024 Event Loot Cache. Open it for your first reward!

Forbidden Secrets

  • Open the Spring Fest 2024 Event Loot Cache (from mission 1) in your Workshop under Regular Crafting.
  • Completing this reveals the secrets and grants you the An Awakened Journey spray.

Blessings of Tang Sanzang

  • Head to the Store’s Step Up section.
  • Find the progressive pan and inspect the engraved lotus flower.
  • This earns you the Spring Fest Voucher.

Sun Wukong’s Weapon Quest

  • Go to your Hideout and access Contraband.
  • Use the Spring Fest Voucher on a Sun Wukong Contraband to “create” a weapon (even though you’ll receive polymers instead).

Claim your reward: the Niu Mowang charm!

PUBG Sun Wukong's Weapon Quest

Additional Tips An Awakened Journey Missions:

  • Remember, this event is only available until February 27th, so don’t miss out!
  • While “Sun Wukong’s Weapon Quest” mentions creating a weapon, the voucher actually grants polymers and completes the mission regardless.
  • You’ll also receive 10 scrap upon using the voucher in the last mission.

By following these simple steps, you can complete PUBG An Awakened Journey and unlock its rewards.

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